Vice President Kamala Harris Discusses Abortion Rights During Visit to Los Angeles

A relaxed and smiling Vice President Kamala Harris took the stage in Los Angeles on Monday to highlight the divisive issue of abortion rights.

She hosted a moderated event at the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center in Mid-City. It came at a time when national attention turned to abortion rights following the overthrow of the .

“It’s a very fragile thing. It depends on whether you’re willing to fight for it,” said the vice president, stressing the need for abortion rights advocates to speak up and focus on the issue. Did.

Harris said he has worked to protect reproductive rights across the country, advocating not only abortion but also basic American rights.

“The basic principles we Americans hold dear are liberty and liberty,” Harris said. “And that means we’re all susceptible.”

For nearly an hour, the Vice President discussed the issue with Congressman Karen Bass and representatives of LA’s Planned Parenthood. The conversation was in front of 400 of his supporters, including state and local leaders.

Although not a political event, Harris encouraged everyone who supports abortion rights to register to vote and cast their support behind like-minded candidates.

Outgoing Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti was in the building. He and a hopeful Bass mayor say abortion rights will be determined by those elected in just 22 days.

“Here in California or not, there are literally so many votes on women’s right to health and their right to choose and protect their abortion,” Garcetti said.

Bass, who has a dispute with developer Rick Caruso, said the Supreme Court ruling puts the futures of millions of women in jeopardy.

“We’re not going to stop fighting, whatever the duration,” Bass said. Vice President Kamala Harris Discusses Abortion Rights During Visit to Los Angeles

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