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Usability testing best practices

Testing the usability of a web resource helps the owner to better understand the logic of user actions and obtain objective data for the further development of the site. Testing allows you to determine which page the user lingers on the most, what features the attention is focused on, and for what reasons the user leaves the site.

As practice shows, more than 80% of users who left the site due to content not meeting expectations never return again. This statistic shows how important it is to correctly build the usability logic and develop a high-quality user interface. After all, today it is as difficult to keep a user on the site as it is to attract. Therefore, devops testing services are in high demand.

What is usability testing?

The term “usability” comes from the English slang “user – user” and actually names the functional part of the user interface. Usability concerns all the functional blocks of the site: menus, payment functions, transitions to subsections and directories, feedback forms, and much more. Traffic and, as a result, conversion will depend on how easy and simple it will be to use the site.

Most analysts note that usability is about much more than the visual part of the user interface. One can quite agree with this. In addition to functional blocks, the term implies the structure of the site, the location of navigation and the compatibility of interface components with the design and content of the resource.

Testing is carried out on an already launched platform, when the site is functioning, can receive visitors and allows sales. As a rule, an entrepreneur turns to testing in situations where something has gone wrong. The funds are invested, the concept is implemented – but there are few sales. In such a situation, it is quite logical to conduct research and clearly identify the reasons why the resource does not suit the representatives of the target audience.

The best types of mobile testing

During testing, both automated processes and the participation of moderators are used. Depending on the subject of the resource, the volume of pages and the profile of activity, you can choose the best tools and types of testing:

  • Heat map. The simplest and most affordable set of tools for analyzing the behavior of target users. The essence of the technique is that the system records the user’s actions on the site, including all his activities: movements, clicks, bounces, and so on. As a result, the owner can view and understand the user’s logic and make appropriate decisions to improve the quality and convenience of the resource.
  • NPS. Objectively, this is a simple formula, which is calculated by dividing user groups based on loyalty to the resource. That is, after a survey about the convenience of the site, the respondents are divided into abstentions, allies and condemners. Further, according to the principle “allies minus condemning”, the NPS indicator is calculated.
  • Survey. A simple and effective method to find out the opinion of users on a specific issue about the site. For example, content, user interface, payment methods or search tools.
  • Testing without moderation. As the name implies, the method does not include the participation of a moderator. Technically, this is an online questionnaire in which the respondent is required to answer a set of questions for certain preferences, for example, a promotional code for a discount on a product.
  • Testing with moderation. The testing process is controlled by the organizer who sets the task, asks clarifying questions and supervises the process. This format is characterized by high financial costs, but at the same time allows you to get objective and reliable results.

A focus group can contain any number of respondents. It is advisable to select participants from different locations, different genders from different social groups. Moderated testing allows you to explore the logic of target users in detail and get answers to pressing questions.

Each presented method has its own characteristics and advantages. In any chain of events, it is important to correctly formulate the goal of testing and optimally select a focus group for the survey. Based on financial capabilities, the owner can use budgetary research methods based on online tools or more expensive methods with the involvement of moderators, organizers and marketers.


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