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Twitter restarts subscriber services after debacle

NEW YORK — Twitter is trying again to launch its premium service a month after its last attempt failed.

The social media company announced Saturday that users will be able to purchase a subscription to Twitter Blue to get a blue checkmark and gain access to special features starting Monday.

The blue checkmark was originally given to businesses, celebrities, government agencies and journalists verified by the platform. After Elon Musk acquired Twitter for his $44 billion in October, he launched a service that allows anyone to issue Blue his checks for $8 a month. However, a flood of impersonator accounts, including those impersonating Musk’s businesses Tesla and SpaceX, prompted Twitter to shut down the service just days after it launched.

The relaunched service will cost $8 per month for web users and $11 per month for iPhone users. Twitter says subscribers will see fewer ads, they will be able to post longer videos, and their tweets will be more prominent.

https://www.ocregister.com/2022/12/10/twitter-relaunching-subscriber-service-after-debacle/ Twitter restarts subscriber services after debacle

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