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Twitter layoffs continue under Elon Musk

Claire Duffy, CNN

(CNN) — Additional Twitter employees under new owner Elon Musk, as part of ongoing layoffs involving public policy, media and entertainment teams, according to tweets by affected employees The employee was laid off on Thursday.

Members of Twitter’s public policy team who remained following layoffs last month as part of Thursday’s layoffs mass layoffs A former Twitter employee who is aware of the layoff told CNN.

The public policy team’s responsibilities also include working with external advisory groups such as the Twitter Trust and Safety Council. company dissolved Early this month. It also helps us manage human rights programs to protect vulnerable users such as activists, engage in transparency initiatives, work with government agencies, and ensure compliance with global regulations. He had more than 60 employees on the public policy team before Musk’s acquisition, the former employee said.

THURSDAY EXIT COMES AFTER MASK half laid off Twitter cut the number of employees last month shortly after his acquisition, then kicked out additional employees, including an ultimatum demanding that they either work “hardcore” or leave the company. The team is looking to cut costs in a struggling company bought by a billionaire for $44 billion and will continue to lay off Hundreds of Twitter staff have since been added, including top engineering and legal talent, according to former employees and multiple recent reports.

is more than 100 former Twitter employees You have filed a request for arbitration or are participating in a proposed class action lawsuit relating to your termination.

The latest layoffs could further affect Twitter’s ability to protect key users and comply with regulations amid increased scrutiny of the company following Musk’s acquisition.

Senior EU official Thierry Breton said: Mr. Musk warned Musk has agreed to allow EU officials to “stress test” social media platforms early next year to comply with Europe’s new platform regulation, the Digital Services Act.

Twitter too keep fighting Many of the advertisers that provide most of the company’s revenue have exited. As of Dec. 17, 72 of his top 100 advertisers on Twitter had paused their advertising campaigns on the platform, according to a review provided to him by digital marketing intelligence firm Pathmatics for CNN. rice field.

In the meantime, Musk may be looking to find another person to head up the social platform. tweeted that he was quitting

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