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TV viewers surprise cable networks with interesting new habits

An unexpected development appears.

Cable TV news is changing long-standing business conventions.

The most watched shows on Fox News. (fox)- Get Free ReportCNN (WBDMore)- Get Free Reportand MSNBC (CMCSA)- Get Free Report It was traditionally network night programming.

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That looks to be changing as the afternoon schedule draws more and more viewers. Story New York Times, March 16.

For example, neither Tucker Carlson nor Sean Hannity currently attract the most viewers on Fox News.

That honor goes to the talk show “The Five,” which airs at 5pm on the East Coast and 2pm on the West Coast.

On MSNBC in January, Ali Melber’s 6 p.m. show was the network’s most-watched show. It was the first time since the network’s launch in 1996 that it had been achieved for a show other than 8:00pm to 11:00pm.

Erin Burnett and Jake Tapper had the most viewers on CNN in January (7pm and 4pm respectively).

“The reasons are myriad,” he writes. new york times“If it weren’t for the instinctive urgency of a dangerous virus and a sitting president who tweets irregularly late into the night, American newsmania would rather change channels at night than wait on tenterhooks for the latest development.” It may feel easier to do.”

The growing popularity of streaming services also appears to be a factor in the change.

“Americans over the age of 65 are the primary audience for 24/7 news channels, but these older viewers are increasingly turning to streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime for entertainment. I’m pointing Times“According to Nielsen, in December 2022, Americans 65 and older spent almost twice as much time watching streaming TV as they did in December 2020, the largest of any age group during that period. is an increase in

Former CNN President Jonathan Klein talks about the importance of streaming services compared to trends.

“Unless there is something very exciting going on in the world, primetime viewers have plenty of other streaming options,” said Klein. Times“There’s a lot more choice than there used to be. Top Gun: Maverick is available to stream. It’s hard for news to compete with Maverick.”

https://www.thestreet.com/media/television-viewers-surprise-cable-networks-with-a-curious-new-habit TV viewers surprise cable networks with interesting new habits

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