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Tutanota Review

Tutanota is an excellent secure email provider, made better by its generous free plan. It has an easy-to-use interface and excellent security. Tutanota Premium encrypts all of your digital interactions using strong open-source methods and techniques, and its free edition allows you to send unlimited messages. In general, it differs from Gmail and other email providers worldwide. Its strong focus on privacy distinguishes secure email service Tutanota. This means they have no access to your information and offer one of the most secure email communication services.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Every email provider has some essential benefits and drawbacks which distinguish it from other services. Here are the benefits and drawbacks of Tutanota.com.


  • Responsive web app
  • Excellent security
  • Encrypted calendars
  • Zero-knowledge model
  • Protected “Secure Connect” forms
  • Whitelabel support


  • Shared storage which can be accessed by multiple people
  • Add-ons can get expensive
  • No tiered discounts on multi-user plans

Standout Features of Tutanota.com

Tutanota has more elements than the majority of secure email providers, but as we’ll see in the following section, you’ll have to pay for some of them. Nonetheless, the service covers the essentials and contains a few plan-specific features. Let’s discuss the significant features of Tutanota.com.

  1. Safe Encrypted Calendar

Secure calendars are by far the most distinctive characteristic of any email provider. The quantity of calendars you can still have varies depending on your plan (free users can only have one), but using this feature is free. In reality, secure calendars are just secure. You can prevent and discuss your meetings, reminders, and other data with the other Tutanota users with the same end-to-end encrypted communications.

  1. Emails to Non Users

Tutanota establishes a new mailbox for that recipient that they can open by entering the password users provide. The inbox lacks all of the configurations of a valid account, but it does allow non-users to interact with subscribers via an encrypted connection. Although it would be ideal if all of your friends used Tutanota, this is unlikely to occur. Fortunately, you can send messages to people who do not use Tutanota. If you place a non-Tutanota email address in the “to” box when trying to compose a message, a password area will show up. Set a password, confirm that your recipient recognizes it, and click “send.”

  • Secure Connect and Whitelabeling Feature

Tutanota.com’s Secure connect feature is more fascinating. If you own a site and want viewers to consult you through an encrypted channel, “secure connect” is the option for you. It’s essentially a form for one’s website, but it’s encrypted from end to end. Your website’s visitors can reach you via a “secure connect” form, which uses the same secure communications data centres as your email accounts. The issue is expensive. “secure connect,” like well almost all of Tutanota’s features, is not free.

You are charged significantly more for this feature when compared to the other features. Each form costs 240 euros (approximately $270) per year or 24 euros (approximately $27) per month if paid monthly. On the other hand, for an additional fee, you could indeed Whitelabel your email account with your company’s branding such as logo, colours, meta tags, and more about business plans. Whitelabeling isn’t a Tutanota-exclusive feature, but it’s helpful if you require more customization over your encrypted email provider.

  1. Privacy

When it relates to privacy, there isn’t much to say. Tutanota’s zero-knowledge model is more accurately called host-proof hosting. Simply put, even if it intended to gather information about you, it would be impossible due to the numerous safeguards in place. In terms of data collection, the service saves your fresh email address as well as your payment details. That’s all. Tutanota.com also supervises IP addresses for diagnostic purposes. However, all IP addresses are anonymized before being used, so they are not considered personal info.

  1. Security

Tutanota goes above and beyond when its security is concerned. The service employs either symmetric encryption with AES-128 or asymmetric encryption with RSA-2048, based on the recipient. Asymmetric encryption is used when sending emails to Tutanota.com users. When mailing to non-users, the password you specify is for symmetric encryption. Your emails are secure, but like other email platforms, some information, such as the sender’s and recipient’s email addresses, is not encrypted. Tutanota, unlike other OpenPGP providers, encrypts email subject lines and attachment names. Tutanota is a trustworthy end-to-end encrypted provider because encryption occurs locally on your device. Your emails are secured in transit by an SSL/TLS tunnel that adheres to the highest standards, including ideal forward privacy and confidentiality.

  1. Business Plans

Above Premium is the Teams plan. It’s Pro plan for businesses is a little bit costly, but like Teams, you are flexible to add additional users at any time. However, it includes some extras such as registered domain login, contact forms, and full whitelabeling. However, each subscription has its limitations so best check carefully which one suits you best. Email aliases are limited, capacity is shared among all users, and prices are only displayed in Euros, leaving you at the mercy of the current currency rate.

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