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toyota at the wheel

April 1st, After nearly 14 years as Toyota boss, Akio Toyoda handed over the wheel to his successor. Koji Sato, former chief his engineer at Japanese automaker Premium his brand, Lexus, is busy with work. Toyota continues to produce more cars than any other company. Its market value is almost three times that of its closest rival Volkswagen in terms of output. But the advent of battery electric vehicles has been delayed, betting that hydrogen is the answer to zero-emission driving. Meanwhile, companies like Tesla are thriving and spearheading electric vehicle startups. Other established automakers, including top Volkswagen, are picking up the pace of electrification. All that left Toyota in the dust. Its total battery in 2022-EVs Ranked 24th in sales.

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https://www.economist.com/business/2023/04/05/toyota-gets-a-new-hand-at-the-wheel toyota at the wheel

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