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Top Reasons why Gemstone Jewelry is in Trend

Gemstones have been a great source of fascination and trends for a long time. But, have you wondered why and how these gems have managed to create their own space with time. You might have seen an increase in craze and love for different colorful gems. There was a time when only particularly gold and diamonds were the two highly famed options when it came to selecting a glorious piece of jewelry.

It is important to understand that the increase in love and popularity of gemstones is not only because of their shine and luster. People have increased attention towards spirituality and love to add meaning to their jewelry pieces as well. Jewelry enthusiasts just do not want something that is restricted to the high luster or desire to shine bright. They want something that even helps them fight through tough times that many people have experienced during the last few years.

This feeling is highly met up with these gems and that is why people are more interested in including Gemstone Jewelry in their collection. Gems like Larimar have special significance and really pair up well with different attire. Being subtle in appearance, it helps in creating an exceptional look.

Gemstones are available in all types of shapes, sizes, and prices. This makes it suitable to choose a particular gem according to one’s preferences and choices. There is a particular gem for everyone, whether you like your accessories to be bold or subtle, rare or elegant, there is something for everyone in the store.

Today, it is not only about jewelry design, the new generation has come up with new trends. People these days focus more on the significance behind their accessories and look for special meanings associated with them. With this shift in preferences and trends, there is an upscale demand for gemstone jewelry.

Traveling back to the History

If we talk about the age of the gemstones and how long they have been with us, you will find them quite fascinating. They have been there with us for millions and billions of years. While talking about facts, Zircon is the oldest gemstone that is estimated to have its presence from around 4.4 billion years back.  The oldest extraterrestrial gem that is even traced in the deposits collected from space is date back to 4.6 billion years.
These beautiful crystals have played the role of a great companion for mankind from the start. Not just in jewelry but also as healing stones, they are kept in different places to spread positivity. Whether it’s ancient Egypt, China, Greece, Roman Empire, or any other ancient civilization, you can evidently notice the importance of gemstones.

Various archaeological facts have shown that Lapis Lazuli is the oldest gem that was discovered by men. It has a wonderful rich blue color and was used during the Neolithic period.  People in Egypt have started using gemstone jewelry in 4000 BC using Amethyst and lapis lazuli. Similarly, there has been quite an importance of Jade in Chinese civilization. Likewise, other ancient civilizations like India, Rome, and Greece all have a historical background of colorful Gemstones.

These facts clearly depict the craze of gems in people and show that it is not just a recent trend. People have been obsessed with the beauty of the stones in one way or the other. Some were fascinated by their color, some with shapes and sizes. Others had an interest in their metaphysical properties and craved spiritual elevation.

Love for Colored Gemstones

There has been an increased surge for colored gems and are highly adored for their beauty. High-toned crystals with deep rich colors like Amethyst, Garnet, Moldavite, Sapphires, etc. are highly in trend. These are generally studded in 925 pure sterling silver to elevate their natural appearance and look.

During this tough time, people are only looking for a way to keep themselves happy. Colored stones have only provided a feeling of happiness in this chaos. This is one of the reasons why these are popular these days.

Top Reasons why Gemstone Jewelry is in Trend.jpg

Also, there has been a shift in trend from only wearing minimalist jewelry apparel to bold accessories. This is the reason why Turquoise Jewelry is highly used in creating statement looks. Recently if you ponder upon the fashion shows held, all you will see is bold accessories and high come back of big stones.

Psychological Beliefs

 Let’s look into the psychological explanation of how and what impacts our minds when it comes to gemstone lore. There are different points that should be put under consideration to understand how we are affected by gems.

Rarity – This has evidence that the rarer or scare a particular thing, our emotional innate nature drives our attention towards it. The less quantity of a thing makes it more valuable. The same theory applies in the case of gems as well.

Polish – The higher the luster and shine of a stone, is more appealing it looks. A bright, clear, and shiny gem easily captures lots of love and attention. Psychologists explain it with a theory that the shiny and glossy appeal of anything reminds us of water. That is why it is our basic survival instincts that we are naturally drawn towards something sparkly.

Emotional Beliefs – We are naturally emotionally attached to our belongings. And jewelry that has a past or an emotional sentiment attached with it clearly upscale our preference for them. It is evident that the most precious gems are the ones that have significant history attached to them.

Cultural Impact – There is definitely a deep impact of our society on us. Our culture definitely plays a significant role in shaping our thought and mental process. Similarly, the choice and preferences for different accessories will be shaped according to culture. One gem might hold particular importance in one society while not that much in another.

Durability – The thought that gemstones have been there with us for millions of years and will continue to stay for a lifetime clearly fascinates us as human beings. The durability of gems is one of the great factors that attracts us to them.

Price – The price or cost associated with gems definitely plays an important role in making a decision for purchase. The value of a gem depends on various factors like cut, clarity, shape, and history. The higher the cost associated, the higher is their value.

Reasons for the Hype created

So, exactly what could be the reason that gemstone jewelry is in so much trend. Whether you see celebrities, designers, models, or any other influencer, everyone is top-notched with these beautiful gems. This might be one of the reasons for the shift in trend. But, what is actually there is that during pandemics, people have realized and had felt the importance of good mental and spiritual connection. Various healing powers that are believed to be associated with different gems have suddenly gained attention. People are keener to know about these different metaphysical properties. This entrance of the healing concept in the fashion industry has provided the answers to the tension brought on by the pandemic.

Tapping into the powers of gemstones, various beliefs are explored and already existing ones are challenged. People want to experience the higher vibrations of these stones such as cleansing, therapeutic energy, and good fortune. To experience these vibrations, the best possible way is to wear them in the form of jewelry.

Silver Jewelry that is embedded with these powerful crystals comes in contact with the skin of the wearer. The direct contact allows its energies to transfer properly to the wearer.

With the ethereal beauty, this power of gemstones to provide comfort and healing is exactly what people are searching for. Also, a great variety of options available to experiment with provides the user with style and stays in trend.

Free Flow of Energy 

Gems are usually used in various therapies as they allow the free flow of energy. So, understanding the Amethyst crystal meaning goes way beyond knowing its history – it’s also about understanding how this stone works and how it can affect a person’s overall wellbeing. They are known to eliminate blockages from within that cause illness or dysfunction. The different chakras present inside a person are responsible to maintain the spiritual and mental balance. Any blockage in these chakras can result in dysfunction and various emotional problems.

Different stones are responsible for activating different chakras and harmonizing them with each other.  This free flow of energy only helps you to grow and provide tranquility. People these days are more focused on experiences rather than just materialistic things. This is the power of gemstones that they can definitely give you a great experience.

Concept of Birthstones and Anniversary stones

The idea of Birthstones that a person should wear certain particular stones according to their respective birth month is quite new. Yet, the idea has quickly gained a lot of fame and people are actually accepting it widely. There are different gems specifically dedicated to a month. It is believed that the natural vibrations of a crystal automatically increase when a person wears their Birthstone. This concept has hiked the trend of Birthstone Jewelry.

Another such fastly adapting craze and trend is of Anniversary Stones. Some crystals are believed to be associated with important anniversaries. People gift these gems to their partners on their special day. For example, there is a particular stone dedicated for a second-year anniversary. Gifting these anniversary stones has gained huge recognition and people highly accept this new started custom.

Emerging Trends in Gemstone Jewelry

 Pantone has announced the color of 2022 to be Veri Peri, which is a deep purplish-blue color. It will be the most popular gemstone color of this year. The color represents courage, authoritativeness, and creativity. It simply promotes a feeling of boldness and motivates you to go for your dreams.

Keeping in mind the color of the year, the gemstone of this year is Tanzanite which has perfect vivid blue hues. It has the ideal properties of being the Gemstone of the Year 2022. It has a beautiful quality of pleochroism that makes it absolutely stunning. When held correctly, it can show different shades in sunlight that varies from blue to violet to red. It is an excellent gem with rare color and features and can make an amazing gift.

Other famous gemstones that are going to be trendy this year include Amethyst which has mesmerizing Violet-purplish hues. It is a gem of royalty and boldness. Since people have come out with bold accessories in recent times, these stones are clearly a perfect choice.

Another heart-capturing option is Purple Garnet which is a precious gem with a vivid purplish-red tone. The transparency and high luster that garnet offers are simply commendable and one can easily lose their heart on this gem.

While hopping on the new trends for Gemstone jewelry, it is essential to deeply pay attention to the quality of the crystals. Purchasing genuine and high-quality gems can be quite tricky. Thus, here is a suggestion just for you. You can refer to Rananjay Exports which is an online-based gemstone jewelry Manufacturer and Supplier. They offer Gemstone Silver jewelry in which pure 925 sterling silver and only triple-A quality gems are used.

This trend is quite fascinating and most people are already loving it. Just ensure to take proper care of your gems from time to time to ensure they maintain their bling. You can always clean them with warm soapy water and a soft brush.


 Gemstones have been an essential part of our life for a long time now and they will continue to be in trend. Keeping their unique qualities and properties, they have successfully created a great image in the eyes of various jewelry enthusiasts. As people grow fonder of gems and include them in their daily lives, there is a wide scope for these crystals to gain the huge recognition they deserve. The day is not far when it will be common to have gems in their jewelry box. Gemstones are not just restricted to ornaments. Their value is not just about the financial cost, it is a deep sentiment that is attached with our pieces over the years. To summarize, it’s all about personal experiences and beliefs that we lay down on them.


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