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Top 5 Most Expensive Five-Seven Skins

Five-Seven, the CS:GO version of a Belgian semi-automatic pistol, has plenty of attractive skins. Basic designs cost less than $1, but the rarest and most sophisticated ones are extremely valuable. Enhance the look of your character with one of these stylish skins!

1.  Neon Kimono

This item from the rising sun collection appeared in CS:GO in 2015. On the slide, you can see straight lines and diamonds against a tan-green background. The rest of the pistol is solid tan. Abrasions are divisible even in the Factory New condition, and they grow with time. This is one of the most eye-catching Five Seven skins available. A brand new Neon Kimono costs around $185 on Steam, but you can get a Field-Tested skin on DMarket for $148.33.

2.  Candy Apple

This skin is one of the oldest, as it appeared in CS:GO in 2013 as part of the Assault Collection. The slide is red, and it is coated with a semi-gloss paint. The other parts are solid black. Even the Factory-New Candy Apple has abrasions. Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred conditions are unavailable. You could get a Factory New item for $45, but a Field-Tested skin on DMarket costs a mere $1.64, which is the best price according to Steam Analyst.

3.  Hyper Beast

This skin has been seen in CS:GO since 2017, and it is included in the Hydra collection. On the body of the pistol, there is an image of a dinosaur-like monster with sharp teeth. The color scheme includes different shades of crimson, orange, pink, blue, and green. Abrasions are already present in the Factory New condition. On DMarket, the skin costs around $53, whereas the price for a Field-Tested item is only $12.

4.  Crimson Blossom

This part of the St. Marc Collection has been popular since 2019. The color scheme includes different shades of burgundy and light gray. On the slide, you can see an abstract floral pattern. Abrasions increase with time, and at maximum wear levels, they cover the entire body. The Factory New condition costs around $29 on DMarket.

5.  Berries and Cherries

This valuable skin is one of the newest additions to CS:GO, as it appeared in December 2020. The slide of this item from the Control Collection is coated with translucent blue and red chrome paints. The design does not include any images on the body. Only two conditions are available — Factory New and Minimal Wear. The best price for the former is available on DMarket — $15.63.

Where to Buy

As you can see, the best prices for Five-Seven skins are often found on DMarket, one of the largest CS:GO marketplaces in the world. Here, you can choose from over 1 million skins, and buy from other players or trading bots quickly and securely. All transactions are protected by distributed ledger technology, and over 20 payment methods are accepted. Unlike Steam, DMarket allows withdrawals, so it is ideal for sellers and buyers alike. It has processed over 10 million deals since its launch in 2017.

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