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Top 5 Best day spas in Las Vegas 2022

Las Vegas is the city of fun, from partying all night (and day if you want to) and gambling, you can do whatever you want. This city is truly liberating and one of the best places for vacation. If you are really into bright lights, dancing to loud music, and the thrill and excitement of meeting loads of new people, Las Vegas is your go-to place.

No matter how fun-loving you are, all this partying can be a little exhausting sometimes. No worries, Las Vegas is not only popular for its clubs, but it has some of the best and state-of-the-art spas. These spas have equipped with modern tools that can help you in gaining back all of your energy and make you ready for more party and fun in just a matter of hours.

In fact, visiting a spa can be a very pleasant as well as an amusing activity with your friends or your partner. In this article, we will tell you all about the top 5 day spas in Las Vegas. These spas are spacious, provide you with the best services and experience in the town, and have a very beautiful contemporary architecture that can be a very pleasant sight for sore eyes. So without further ado, let’s get started.

5 best day spas in Las Vegas

Here are the top 5 spas in Las Vegas so get yourself ready to enjoy some serious pampering.

  • The Spa at Vdara

If you are looking for a place that can offer you massages and treatments that are custom made for you, the Spa at Vdara is the place you should go. The Spa at Vdara has 2 spacious floors with several natural treatments. Expert therapists hand-selected the treatments that are best for your body’s needs. Vdara is also a condo hotel where people can live year round in a private unit or put it in the rental pool.


The Spa at Vdara has many natural treatments in a very intimate spa setting. Their famous treatment is the European heat experiences which is a multi-functional treatment room that relaxes your muscles and restores the wellbeing of your skin.

  • Canyon Ranch Spa Club

Canyon Ranch, situated in The Venetian is one of the most famous spas in Las Vegas. Canyon Ranch is famous for its eastern wellness treatment, salon services, and healthy yet yummiest cafes. Most of the services are starting from 170-180 dollars but if you want something affordable and totally out-of-this-world experience, you can get their peppermint foot scrub that costs you just 30 bucks. We can vouch that this will be the best foot scrub you can get in the whole city of Las Vegas.


The services you can avail of in Canyon Ranch Spa are Acupuncture body wraps and facials, couple massages.

They have some amazing facilities to make sure that you get the best services possible. The thermal suite in this spa has a steam room to open up the skin pores and get that stubborn dirt out of them. The Finnish sauna is lit the light refracted by crystal to give you a healing sensation. Our personal favorite is the Salt grotto where you can inhale some fresh sea air.

If you want to experience something different you can go to their calming wave room, it is designed to give you a multi-sensory experience that stimulates your senses and left you with a very relaxed and calming feeling. This hotel spa also has fitness classes and cafes where the chefs serve you healthy meals that go with the theme of the services you are getting at the spa.

The Canyon Ranch is also a locals favorite where people who live in Las Vegas tend to visit and buy gift cards. Locals are also talking about The Sterling Club, a private membership club at Turnberry Place Las Vegas, that recently reopened and already has over 400+ members.

  • Spa Bellagio

Bellagio is famous for its Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. Spa Bellagio is located in the Bellagio resort and truly reflects the beauty of the Bellagio with its architecture and services. The best thing about this spa is that the services here are quite affordable and most of the services are starting just from 85 dollars.


Spa Bellagio offers many amazing services. These services include poolside massages and facials, steam rooms, a fitness center, and a salon. The most popular spa services of the spa Bellagio are the Deseret gold message with essential oil and clay mask afterward to detoxify and revitalize your skin and Bellagio treatment. The Bellagio treatment is seven-step cleansing and scrubbing treatment to use the mineral-rich gemstones to promote holistic healing that will revitalize and radiate your face and body.

  • Qua Baths and Spas

The Qua Bath and spa is located at the Ceaser’s palace and undoubtedly is one of the best-themed hotels in Las Vegas. Inspired by Roman architecture, the theme of this spa is the healing powers of water. The prices are on a bit expensive side though, and most of the services start from 185 dollars.


Qua Bath and spa has 3 Roman baths: Tepidarium, the largest one that has mineral-enriched waters that restore the natural beauty of your skin. The second is the Caldarium, a hot bath that relaxes your muscles and the third one is the Frigidarium, a cold bath to rejuvenate your senses.

The signature service of the Qua spas is the Nobu Zen Massages (the only spa in the world that has the Nobu band treatments). This is a special treatment that uses aromatic oils and deep tissue techniques to invigorate the senses and muscles.

In addition to these services, you can enjoy other services like hair, nail, or makeup appointments as per your likes.

  • Encore Spa

Encore Spa at Encore Las Vegas is one of the best spas in Las Vegas that is quite popular for the authentic cultural techniques for body messages. Also, Encore Las Vegas is famous for its pool, so if you are planning to visit the encore spa, make sure to stop by the pools or best have a poolside massage. Most of the treatment starts from nearly 200 dollars.


Encore spa is famous for its authentic ancient treatments like Bodhi massage and chakra visualization. Other famous services they provide are the Fire and ice stone massage that is best for you if you are having inflammatory problems. They also offer new things like Thai stretching and deep-tissue massage or a cooling aloe treatment.


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