Top 3 movies starring Pierce Brosnan

As an actor, Pierce Brosnan has starred in some truly iconic films. From James Bond to Mamma Mia!, he has demonstrated his tremendous range as an actor. Here are three of his most iconic movies.

The World Is Not Enough (1999)

The World Is Not Enough is the nineteenth film in the James Bond series and the third to star Pierce Brosnan as the iconic secret agent. The film was directed by Michael Apted and written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, and Bruce Feirstein. It grossed over $350 million at the box office, making it the highest-grossing Bond film at the time.

The plot revolves around James Bond’s investigation of a terrorist group called “The Union” and their plans to unleash a devastating global financial crisis. The group’s leader, Renard (Robert Carlyle), is a former KGB operative who was thought to have been killed years earlier. However, he has been kept alive by a metal plate in his head that is slowly killing him. To complete his mission, Renard must kidnap Elektra King (Sophie Marceau), the daughter of an oil tycoon (Denis Leary). Bond is assigned to protect her, but he quickly realizes that there is more to Elektra than meets the eye.

As the two men race across Europe to stop Renard’s plan, they are constantly one step ahead of each other. Along the way, they are aided by Vesper Lynd (Eva Green), a beautiful but mysterious woman who may or may not be working for The Union. The World Is Not Enough is an action-packed thrill ride that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats. Pierce Brosnan’s final outing as James Bond is a fitting send-off for one of cinema’s most beloved characters.

Die Another Day (2002)

Pierce Brosnan’s final outing as James Bond in Die Another Day sees the suave spy pitted against the sinister Gustav Graves (played by Toby Stephens). The film begins with Bond being captured by North Koreans while infiltrating a terrorist organization. He is imprisoned and tortured for 14 months before finally escaping and returning to Britain. Although he is reassigned to desk duty, Bond refuses to stay idle and instead sets out to track down the man who betrayed him. This leads him to Cuba, where he meets the beautiful Jinx (Halle Berry). The two team up to uncover Graves’ true identity and stop his plans for world domination. Along the way, they must contend with deadly adversaries, including the vengeful Zao (Rick Yune). Die Another Day is a thrilling entry in the James Bond franchise, with superb action sequences and a pulse-pounding plot. Brosnan’s top-notch performance and Berry is a perfect foil as the feisty Jinx. This one is worth checking out if you’re a fan of the 007 films.

Misfits (2021)


Pierce Brosnan goes back to his roots in Misfits and plays Richard Pace, ​​a world-renowned criminal who is approached by a group known as the Misfits who consider themselves a Modern Day Robin Hood group, to pull off one last heist. The group, whose motto is “never steal from those who don’t deserve it”, is led by Ringo (played by Nick Cannon) wants Richard’s skills to steal millions of gold bars which are underneath a maximum security prison and is being used to fund terrorist groups. Ringo’s group of criminals includes Violet (played by Jamie Chung), Wick (played by Mike Angelo), Hope, (played Hermione Corfield) and Jason Quick (played Qais Qandil).

Even though their “steal from the rich and give to the needy isn’t Richard’s style”, Brosnan’s character finds motive for revenge as the person who is in charge of the gold, Schultz (played by Tim Roth), is also responsible for Richard’s previous imprisonment.

Misfits is produced by Kia Jam and is great for fans of the Oceans series, it takes the viewer on a journey from LA to Abu Dhabi filled with action packed sequences and explosions all very nostalgic to Pierce’s days as James Bond. For all action fans, the film is also directed by Renny Harlin who directed Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Cliffhanger.  





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