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Top 20 Personal Finance Blogs of 2022

Do you enjoy reading personal finance articles as much as we do? Whether you’re new to managing your money or looking for new ways to enhance your wealth, there are innumerable blogs accessible for just about any type of information.

1. Money Saving Expert

Money Saving Expert, maintained by financial expert Martin Lewis, is regarded as one of the most comprehensive personal finance sites on the internet. The blog has a significant forum following and hundreds of professional guides to loans, saving, insurance, and other topics.

Almost often, any guidance on fundamental money matters for earnings may be found here. It’s a great place to start.

2. Get Rich Slowly

Get Rich Slowly is a site that has been running for almost ten years and has a tale to tell. This laid-back personal finance hub, founded by JD Roth, is intended towards those who wish to recover from financial difficulty and gain more control over their money. We all do, don’t we?

Roth’s site has a wealth of useful materials, such as debt-management spreadsheets and frequent articles from authors who have battled with money and know how to use it to their advantage.

3. MoneyNuggets

MoneyNuggets may not be updated as frequently as some of the other top personal finance blogs on this list, but it has a strong and vital message. This site is for female professionals and women who want to start earning more and spending less money.

This is a really instructive resource that will appeal to a lot of women – and while its reach isn’t vast at the moment, it has a lot of room to develop. It’s one you’ll want to bookmark and return to in the coming months.

4. Frugalwoods

The plot of Frugalwoods revolves around a couple’s attempt to break free from the clutches of money. Frugality may not appeal to everyone, but the site proprietors make saving out to be a lot of fun. If you’re serious about starting from scratch, their amazing narrative and ongoing advise via frequent articles are highly worth reading.

Personal travels and tales can assist many individuals in grasping concepts and ideas. That’s why Frugalwoods is such an intriguing read on a regular basis.

5. Monevator

If you’re looking to get started in investing, Monevator is a great place to start. While most personal finance blogs focus on day-to-day frugality, this blog examines the issues that impact investors using pay stub tracking.

With the help of a financial agent, you can improve your communication skills. Clients, financial agencies, and other external collaborators are examples of external colleagues.

It’s a terrific blog to follow if you’re a casual investor who is interested in what’s going on in the globe. This is a resource that has its finger on the pulses of the appropriate people.

6. Mum’s Savvy Savings

Returning to the attractiveness of personal experiences, Mum’s Savvy Savings is a fantastic small blog run by a lone trader who quit her job as a teacher to start her own business. This blog should be an interesting read for anyone who wants to conserve money and cut back on luxury while still having a good time with their money.

The blog should appeal to a wide range of people who manage their own enterprises from home and frequently face financial insecurity while raising a family.

7. Much More With Less

Much More With Less is a blog that centers on the fantasy of abandoning a metropolitan life to seek shelter in the countryside. Regular postings assist ordinary people in understanding how to make their money go farther and how to comprehend financial concepts from an everyday perspective.

This is a blog you should follow and read if you want to simplify your life or if you want to uproot and make a huge shift for the better (or more frugal).

8. Frugal Rules

Frugal Rules, which is based in the United States, is one of several personal finance blogs that learners and readers might benefit from visiting. As the name implies, its primary goal is to highlight some of the simpler measures you can take right now to live a more modest life while still enjoying it.

The site, written from the perspective of an author who has been deeply in debt and has emerged on the other side, publishes frequent entries on how to apply flexible guidelines to your daily life. The goal of this website is to teach people how to battle debt and improve their perspective on money.

9. DumbFunded

DumbFunded is a prominent UK blog that focuses on personal money and small business advice. The site publishes advice on how to fund ordinary living and how to make it in a fast-paced world of start-ups and self-employed go-getters on a regular basis.

Many people subscribe to DumbFunded because it frequently publishes excellent banking bargains and offers that are not always clear. If you are a sole proprietor or are just looking to reduce your existing debt, you will most certainly find much to study up on here.

10. The Money Shed

The Money Shed is a pleasant, straightforward site that attempts to share and investigate as many various money-making ideas as possible. It has a wonderful concentration on sharing something somewhat new in each article, which means that it caters to a wide range of financial niches and worries.

The forums, where you can read money-making and saving suggestions from like-minded people, and the site’s beginners’ guide to starting and operating your own business are also worth a look. It’s a site headquartered in the United Kingdom with a lot of promise.

11. The FIREstarter

The FIREstarter is managed by an entrepreneur who plans to retire early. Since 2013, the site has published frequent entries on how to take control of your own earnings and expenses, as well as build a long-term strategy for the better. This is a blog that takes a clear, no-nonsense approach to financial planning, and as a result, it is always a good read.

There are several resources to choose from, with tips on how to save for specific milestones in your life and how to file your own tax return among the most popular. Furthermore, the website has a ‘challenges’ area in which the FIREstarter attempts to improve his financial habits and nutrition on a regular basis. It’s enlightening to read!

12. Money Bulldog

Money Bulldog is another no-nonsense site dedicated to assisting you in making the most of your money. The website provides customer help as well as tips on how to save money when traveling. There’s also a useful investing area that you should check at if you’re just getting started in that field.

If you’re interested in financial products and services, Money Bulldog is definitely worth subscribing to through email. They provide a lot of serious, informative evaluations that should help you make significant financial decisions. Don’t rely just on your instincts!

13. Debt Roundup

If you’re attempting to pay off a mountain of debt and don’t know where to begin, Debt Roundup provides a slew of useful tools and services you may utilize. Grayson Bell runs the blog and has paid off thousands of dollars in debt over the years. As a result, he’s come to share his knowledge with the rest of the globe.

Debt relief does not have to be complicated. Because of its precise focus, Debt Roundup is one of the greatest personal finance blogs on the internet. There are dozens of solid all-around financial advice sites, but this one focuses on getting you out of debt as rapidly as possible.

14. Be Clever With Your Cash

Be Clever With Your Money is a modest small site dedicated to assisting its readers in discovering the capacity to enjoy life while conserving money. Saving money and being more frugal with your spending does not require you to go without or forgo having pleasure.

The blog is updated weekly, so you should be able to obtain frequent insights into a number of issues that earners and spenders are likely to be interested in. Making the most of your money may not appear to be evident on the surface, which is why it is occasionally worthwhile to seek assistance.

15. Debt Busting Expert

Richard Fenton’s all-purpose personal finance site has major bargains, competitions, regular advice, and more. It’s one of the most popular personal finance groups online, with a forum where individuals can share money making ideas and tales on how to make the most of their money.

The sheer volume of material on Debt Busting Expert distinguishes it from the other best personal finance blogs on this list. There are numerous websites that specialize on one or two topics – Fenton’s blog attempts to save you money and show you how to be frugal by whatever means required.

16. Penny Golightly

Penny Golightly’s blog blends lifestyle stories, personal essays, and consumer advice. The author has a large number of books published and a large social media following. Penny also publishes on a regular basis, which is a plus among a sea of blogs that have tragically fallen off the radar.


The £10 week concept, which will help you figure out how to live on as little as possible for a whole seven days, is one of the most intriguing aspects of this site. Is it conceivable? You are the only one who can find out!

17. Man Vs Debt

Another money blog inspired by a personal journey is Man Vs Debt. The Bakers offer advice on how to save money so that you can buy the better things in life. For the writers, that meant jet-setting – which they mostly accomplished by selling their stuff.

It’s a terrific little site to check out if you’re thinking of freeing up some cash from your stuff, with frequent ideas on how to make your money go that little bit further — so that you can!

18. Punch Debt in the Face

If the name doesn’t give it away, Punch Debt in the Face doesn’t pull any of its punches. The author is unafraid to offer advice on his financial condition and to tell how he was able to eliminate tens of thousands of dollars in debt over the years. It’s all really motivational, and it’s all presented to you in a new and fascinating way.

However, the original author departed the site a few years ago — but it is still routinely updated with tons of useful personal financial advice. More information is available in the archives.

19. PayStubsNow Blog

PayStubsNow Blog, another of the top personal finance blogs for earners seeking guidance on saving and making their money go further, has been assisting readers since 2018. Do you want to earn money by doing an extra job online? Keep a lookout for new posts and links on a regular basis.

You’ll also get advice on how to save money without compromising too much of your everyday routine. It’s also a blog that’s updated on a regular basis, which is always a bonus.

20. Len Penzo

Len Penzo’s blog is now one of the most intriguing personal finance blogs available online. Penzo’s blog is described as ‘off-beat,’ and he takes a unique approach to tackling personal finance issues that sets him apart from the crowd. Penzo’s focus is on accountability, and he is straightforward and personal about it.

If you want to learn how to be more responsible with your money, his remarks are likely to be encouraging to read on a daily basis.


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