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Top 10 iOS App Development Trends in 2022

Devices that run through iOS software are increasing day by day among smartphone users. The developers need to meet the needs of iOS users wherever and whenever possible. iOS is known to be versatile and flexible, and developers can easily incorporate next-generation technologies into their apps. The usage of different applications that meet the needs of people has increased tremendously. To support the rapidly growing needs of iOS users, let us dive deep into some popular iOS apps with the help of an iOS App development company that will bring us to some of its iOS app development trends in 2022. Let us jump into the discussion without wasting a second.

iOS App Development Trends to Follow in 2022

1.   Artificial Intelligence Entering Siri

Ever since Apple launched its Artificial Intelligence personal assistant named Siri, it has gained a lot of attention all over the world. Getting smarter with time is what it aims to achieve with each iteration of the iOS update. Apple has released SiriKit for all devices it is compatible with, and you can use Siri using your voice command. It is quite easy and simple as that. To open any app or make any calls, you can use voice commands to activate Siri for anything.

2.   Rise of Machine Learning

When it comes to leveraging machine learning technology, Apple (iOS) is leading the way. Artificial intelligence has become a real game-changer.Recently, the softwareplatform was unveiled with its core processor A11 Bionic on the iPhone X. It has a Neural Engine for different tasks related to machine learning like Face ID, Authentication, LiDAR (Supported Models), and Camera. Moreover, the latest customizable Animoji, aka Memoji, uses Machine Learning for fun-filled conversations in iMessage with colleagues, friends, and family. This powerful AI brain built into iOS also tracks your heartbeat and other health conditions with the help of other Apple accessories, such as the Apple watch, and pairs with your iPhone, saving the lives of millions across the world.

3.   Language Recognition

The iOS platform certainly is the highest performance-oriented system that attracts the attention of the entire human race with the help of longer updates, faster performance, and much more stable apps. The AI brain also focuses on a multilingual system that helps people use their iOS compatible devices effortlessly. It is used to deduce the language-specific metadata. You can leverage the power of the iPhone’s AI system, just say what you want to do to Siri or language translation, or just dictate a long document, and the words will be converted to text all with the help of a single command. You can use it in any language or translate it into your native language with Apple’s advanced Language recognition system.

4.   AR/VR and 3D Coming to the Forefront

Apple has come up with an array of different improvements for its ARKit2. This is an iPhone app development platform that wasoriginally released on iOS 12. It is a next-generation technology for iPhones. It supports 3D object detection and face tracking. It enables iOS developers to create multiplayer games, unlike earlier, which was never possible before. For AR/VR app development, app developers use ARKit2 meticulously. Scene Kit is used for 3D graphic designing for enhancing simulated environmental apps.

5.   Security Gaining More Weight

It is worth discussing hackers who are developing their vulnerability detection technologies much faster than other software companies. So security is a major issue to deal/ develop with for most computer,chip, and software companies. iOS has developed an enterprise-wide, security-enabled culture that assists users to maintain high-security standards on their Apple devices. This ensures a safe working environment. The development of any technology comes with a responsibility that offers high-security and safety to its users. No doubt, iOS aced it. It is much safer to use iOS, among other Android, Windows, Symbian, and Blackberry phone competitors in the market that is easily vulnerable to threats, and an iOS defeats major cyber-attacks easily.

6.   Apple Pay

The iOS platform celebrates real success with its Apple Pay facility globally. After rolling out in the USA successfully, it dominated the globe with this unique and handy payment feature. It has become quite popular. It is very good as a payment service as you do not have to carry an external card. The app development company can adopt these fintech innovations and can pave the way for a cashless future.

7.   IoT is Gaining Importance

iOS has managed to introduce a secure IoT ecosystem. It is also known as HomeKit. It unlocks different opportunities for iPhone app developers as it will help them connect easily with different IoT devices.

Users can use HomeKit to communicate and control all connected home automation devices. It can also be used to discover compatible devices and configure them. These devices can be assisted by using Siri.

8.   Cross-Platform Apps and Swift 5

Apple’s (iOS) Swift is the best and leading programming language that has been growing rapidly. There are a number of Swift-writtenapps that are already available in the App Store. This coding language is praised for its inherent advantages, such as scalability, safety, and simplicity. Without any doubt, It has a bright future.

9.   Introducing Blockchain and Crypto Transactions

Blockchain is a new technology that deals with money. Also, it is used by several industries and helps in decentralized encryption of sensitive information. The sectors that deal with critical data in higher volume most likely use this technology. Financial companies can use this technology for more security. The iOS platform has introduced a technology that creates and verifies timestamps. This will add more security to the app.

10. Beacon Technology

The facility of searching nearby places on a device has become easier currently. The technology that helps to enhance location-based search is known as Beacon technology. It works within a small area and acts as a relay tower. It helps to communicate with nearby stores. Apple has developed a protocol named iBeacon. This particular technology is also part of one of theiOS app development trends followed by the iOS App development company that we all will be heading towards in 2022.


Now that you know what iOS app development trends in 2022 are, You can incorporate these features to satisfy the continuously ever-growing requirements of iOS users with the help of an iOS app development company.

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