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Tips on How to Choose the Best Machine Learning Course

With its roots set deep down in the field of statistics, Machine Learning has now become one of the fastest growing and exciting courses when it comes to the computer science field. There is no end to the number of industries and computer applications that can benefit from the machine learning field, to make them more intelligent and efficient. A few examples of machine learning developed models that come in handy in everyday life include fraud detection, search engines, ad serving, chatbots, spam filtering, etc. to state only a few. It is through the help of machine learning that we become capable of looking up patterns and coming up with new mathematical models for new things that can otherwise be impossible for human beings to do.

According to various studies, the average salary that a skilled machine learning engineer earns is an average of 107,285 USD. While the masters in data science course will teach you about topics such as visualization techniques, communication, statistics, and analysis, the machine learning course will teach you solely about machine learning algorithms, including how they work mathematically, and how you can make use of them in a programming language. So gear yourselves up, since in this article we shall be taking a deep dive into the world of machine learning and which course might be the one for you!

1.  What Makes a Machine Learning Course an Excellent One?

In order to become the best machine learning course, the course will have to check on the following criteria –

  1. It must strictly have its focus on machine learning.
  2. It must utilize open source and free programming languages, for instance, Python or R.
  3. The course must also use open source and free libraries in order to assist the language. This point must be considered sternly since a lot of courses, instructors, and providers make use of commercial packages.
  4. It must explain to the student how the algorithms work from a mathematical perspective.
  5. The course must have a stern pace, and be available every month or so, on-demand.
  6. One of the most important points, the course must have interesting lectures and engaging instructors.
  7. Research into relevant forums on machine learning to get an idea of whether the course has an above-average review and ratings.

2. What Are The Best Book Companions for The Machine Learning Course?

If you are new to the machine learning course, you must highly consider making use of the following books –

  1. Introduction to Statistical Learning – Available online for free, this book provides you a detailed and straightforward description, explanations, as well as examples, in order to sharpen your mathematical skills and knowledge of fundamental machine learning techniques.
  2. Hands On Machine Learning with Scikit Learn and TensorFlow – A great complement to the book mentioned above, this book provides a great insight into applied machine learning, using Python.

Final Word

One of the fastest-growing industries, if you want to give your career a huge boost, then the machine learning course is just meant for you!


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