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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Chaise Lounge

The French created the term chaise lounge, but the design has been found in Ancient Egyptian artifacts. If it was fit for a Pharoah, it is surely a piece of furniture you should be proud to own. It’s one of the most elegant ways to kick back and unwind. To choose the perfect chaise lounge, you have to know the style, color, and size you want. Here are a few of the considerations to take into account as you begin your search.

So, what is a chaise? To put it simply, it’s a long lounge chair with an angled back that provides support for the entire body. It’s designed strictly to take a load off your feet and relax. Whether you are napping, reading, meditating, or sunbathing, the chaise is the right place to unravel and loosen up.

They’re typically close to the ground, so keep that in mind if you have trouble getting in and out of low furniture. You can find one with armrests to aid in any mobility issues you have. Use them with a pillow or purchase an upholstered cushioned one to maximize your comfort. Chaises are large in size, so make sure you take your measurements and place them in a spot where you’ll have enough room to move around easily. They’re a great companion on a warm, breezy day if you have a deck or patio.

Chaises come in a large variety of materials, from pine to oak and wicker. Take into account where you’re placing the lounge, and you’ll have a better idea of which material works best for you. You want a durable materialthat’ssimple to clean and maintain. If you’re placing it outdoors, select a material that’s lightweight and easy to move around.

Softwoods aren’t very resilient or durable, so they are better if placed inside or on a covered deck. If you insist on placing it outside, ensure it’s protected with a varnish finish. Otherwise, the elements will quickly impact its appearance. While softwoods are pretty high maintenance, they are inexpensive choices.

Hardwoods are much more resilient and not easily scratched or dented. While you will still need the right finish to protect it from the elements, it can stand up to precipitation and wind gusts when used outdoors.

Upholstered lounges offer coziness and support for those who may suffer from back issues. They also come in a wide range of colors and textures. That means you won’t have much trouble fitting it into your current décor. Because these pieces are usually heavy, they’re best used indoors where you won’t have to move them around. Also, you don’t want any rain seeping into the cushions and ruining the piece.

Some are made with cushions created for the outdoors and repel water. They are also fade-resistant. Place it next to a side table, and you’ll have a lounging area you can’t wait to come home to. So why wait? Start looking for one today.


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