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TikTok promotion: 6 powerful tools

It’s true to say that Tik Tok is a trending platform. The things that become popular here become popular everywhere: the funniest videos are repeatedly forwarded to WhatsApp, challenges from Tik Tok go to Instagram Reels, the top tracks are played everywhere.

TikTok algorithms

Tik Tok uses artificial intelligence to analyze users’ interests and preferences. Based on likes, comments, video views, and reposts, it gives individual content recommendations to each user.

Tik Tok supports beginners by showing their videos to a wide audience to determine interest in their videos. The first 5 videos are sure to get many views. The success and future popularity of your account depend on them.

How to promote Tik Tok, reach the top, and get more subscribers? We have compiled 6 effective ways for you:

  • Mutual PR

Collaborate with newly minted bloggers who are ready to work on mutual PR. For example, you can make a collective video on a certain topic, or everyone can make their own video.

  • Popular music and trends

Are another way to promote Tik Tok. The music in the video ensures that it gets into recommendations and gets more coverage. The Tik Tok app uses tracks from Spotify. So before you record a video with a song – study the list of trending tracks so that the algorithm notices your video.

  • Upload the video again

The clip isn’t visible for the audience, not enough views? Remake it: make it longer, edit, reupload in 72 hours. Put different hashtags, write a new description, change music.

  • Challenge

Also, a popular way to promote Tik Tok account. Arrange a challenge with a specific hashtag that expresses the task’s meaning. For a challenge, you need to develop a creative script and come up with a hashtag. You can also choose the most interesting videos from users and give out prizes at the end.

  • Post videos regularly

The TikTok algorithm is better at promoting video accounts that consistently post videos and act as active members of the community. Don’t stay out of the audience’s sight for too long.

  • Use promotional services (SMM panels)

SMM panels are online services and websites that allow you to draw attention to your account on social networks, increasing the number of subscribers, likes, views, comments. They do not directly increase sales, but raise a demand, boost the popularity of the page on social networks, and get the account to the top.

The more likes, views, and comments you have, the higher is the reach and the greater are the chances that the post will be seen by a large number of people. It’s worth understanding that if you decide to buy subscribers, likes, and comments, it should be gradual. Otherwise, it’s easy to monitor. Moreover, it is better to buy services comprehensively, so that the ratio of views, subscribers, and likes on the account is logical.

Choosing the best service to buy Tik Tok followers, likes, shares and comments is a difficult task. Using non-tested services increases the risk of blocking your account. So you can trust panels that have proven their validity and effectiveness.

One of the most popular and reliable panels is Viewsta. It’s an effective and convenient solution for promotion, even with a minimal start. You can sign up and create an order in a couple of minutes. You only need a link to the video or account.

On Viewsta there’s a money-back guarantee if you need it, and a support team that is ready to help you and ask questions. There’re services for promoting 10 social networks. The prices are cheap and start from $0.50 per 1000 views. You can find a lot of reviews on the Internet, which will help you make sure that this is a credible panel.

Is it possible to promote a business on Tik Tok?

Absolutely! Tik Tok for business becomes a real find and helps to solve several problems at once:

  • increase brand awareness and attract the attention of the target audience to your offer;
  • raise the level of trust by using a more creative and memorable format rather than the same old advertising on social networks;
  • form the right image of the brand, create a good image and establish communication with the target audience.

Who benefits from promoting their products 

The best way to promote on Tik Tok is for the B2C segment (from business to customer). This is all kinds of goods and services, mobile applications, the beauty industry, sports, automotive business, and even to some extent, medicine.

But for B2B (business to business), Tik Tok is not suitable at all. If you work in this segment, there is no particular reason to use Tik Tok for promotion.

What videos you shouldn’t make on Tik Tok

The Tik Tok app is a fairly democratic platform where each user has a lot of freedom for self-expression. However, there is a large list of topics and formats that the administration immediately bans users:

  • 18+ content
  • violent scenes
  • any calls for suicide, harming oneself or others
  • Internet bullying
  • any kind of spam
  • threats, etc.

In addition, the user’s account may well be banned for plagiarism. But here it is important to understand one aspect. Plagiarism is usually defined as the complete copying and posting of content. Participation, for example, in challenges with the same dance to the same track will not be considered plagiarism.

Tik Tok’s feed is designed in such a way that with each new video it offers more and more relevant content to the user, thereby drawing him in and becoming endless. Such an algorithm of posts rotation together with active audience and simple promotion made Tik Tok the most prospective platform for PR as a personal account and business.

Many brands successfully use Tik Tok promotion and actively cooperate with opinion leaders who create interesting and non-standard content. So if you’re still not on Tik Tok, it’s time to fix that. Business accounts, million-dollar Influencers and novice bloggers can get along perfectly here, and advertising is not boring yet, so brands should definitely pay attention to this social network.

The algorithms of this social network are not yet fully understood, but the main factor in the channel’s popularity is getting into recommendations. To do this, you need to post quality videos regularly, experiment with content, participate in challenges, and keep track of fashion trends.

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