Thor Kill convicted of felony possession of ammunition

San Francisco (cron) — A woman named Thor Kill was convicted of felony possession of ammunition by a prohibited person, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office announced Friday. Kill, 45, was barred from carrying ammunition due to a 2012 assault misdemeanor conviction, but she was found with a large amount of ammunition, police said.

San Francisco police and officers from the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives issued a search warrant against Kill’s residence and storage at 1400 Folsom Street. Officers found and seized the following items during the execution of the warrant:

  • Multiple crates and crates containing thousands of rounds of live ammunition
  • 87 Firearm Magazine
  • 125 pounds of explosive powder
  • Tens of thousands of parts used to make ammunition
  • ammunition manufacturing equipment

The prosecutor’s office said Kill’s social media pages also revealed multiple posts about the equipment used to make the ammunition.

She was sentenced to two years in state prison, but has served since her arrest on April 27, 2021, the prosecutor’s office said. Kill must also report to the Adult Probation Service for no more than four years of community supervision after her parole/release. She is also banned from owning firearms and ammunition for the rest of her life.

She was also ordered to surrender all ammunition, ammunition parts and firearms in her possession.

District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said, “This case is a reminder of how much we can do to keep the public safe when we work together.” “The incident was a successful operation, clearing large amounts of ammunition and explosives from the streets and making our community safer.” Thor Kill convicted of felony possession of ammunition

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