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This ultra-portable, long-lasting Bluetooth speaker is now only $48 on Amazon

Independence Day is fast approaching. Whether you’re traveling to the coast to celebrate or having a barbecue in the backyard with family and friends, you’ll want to be appropriately equipped. Have a nice party.

Most importantly, with 4th of July and Independence Day ahead, you need a Bluetooth speaker to get you in the mood. Prime Day 2023Amazon offers new discounts. Small size Sony XB13. For just $48, with four colors to choose from, you get surprisingly robust audio that gets pretty loud.

It has a duration of 16 hours and comes with a strap so you can carry it anywhere, whether it’s a local spot like your backyard or patio, the beach or a hiking trip. Starting at a full 20% off the MSRP of $60, the speaker arrives fast with free, fast Prime shipping. If you are not a Prime member, You can sign up for a 30-day free trial here.

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Sony SRS-XB13, $48 ($60 at the time) Amazon


get it.

“Small size” is the proper way to describe Sony’s XB-13 Bluetooth speaker. It’s shorter than a Coke can and, depending on your hand size, about the size of a human fist. It’s very portable and you can even use the included straps to hang it on your backpack, bike, pants, etc. Weighing in at only half a pound, it won’t weigh you or your bag down.

But more importantly, SRS-XB13 It can withstand being submerged in pools and sand tumbles. It has an IP67 rating against water and dust. Even when you’re in the pool, the Bluetooth connection persists and sends sound underwater. In fact, it’s a great way to see the power of the woofer here.

Powering the audio is an upward-facing speaker and a passive radiator. They work together to ensure that the highs, mids and lows are all clearly audible, now regulated by a custom Sony processor. This way you get the best sounding audio from your internal hardware. In my long-term testing over two years, the SRS-XB13 never skips a beat and pushes a surprising amount of sound for its size. He can also pair these speakers for stereo playback.

The XB13 may have the longest playback time. Sony rates it at 16 hours. Depending on the volume level, you can extend it even longer. As for charging, it’s as easy as plugging it in via USB-C, and Sony includes the cable in the box.

Really, the only thing to decide is which color best suits your style. Sony XB13 Colors are black, coral pink, light blue, taupe, or powder blue. Personally, I would choose something with more vibrant colors, such as pink or blue. Get 20% off the perfect Bluetooth speaker for your summer adventures in any shade.

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https://www.thestreet.com/deals/sony-srs-xb13-bluetooth-speaker-sale-amazon This ultra-portable, long-lasting Bluetooth speaker is now only $48 on Amazon

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