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This Bay Area city leads the state in the oath

San Francisco (cron) – San Francisco leads California in swearing, with residents using an average of 24 swear words per day, and ranks fifth in the nation.

Survey of 1,500 residents in 30 major US cities by a tutoring company Beforehand Created survey findings to further shed light on the use of profanity and obscenity by Americans.

The top seven cities for abuse were reported as follows:

  1. Columbus, Ohio (average 36 swears per day)
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada (30)
  3. Jacksonville, FL (28)
  4. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (25) Dallas, Texas (25) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (25) Indianapolis, Indiana (25)
  5. San Francisco, CA (24), Fort Worth, TX (24), Louisville, KY (24)
  6. Washington DC (22)
  7. Los Angeles, CA (21), Austin, TX (21)

The average American swears 21 times a day, depending on age. Generation Z swears he averages 24 times a day, and Baby Boomers he swears 10 times a day. Men (22) speak ill more than women (18).

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San Francisco citizens start swearing at the age of 10 on average. In four, three or more of them reported swearing at work (Philadelphia, Columbus, and Detroit, Michigan rank first with him), and residency is her second most common in the United States. is a person. A curse when receiving good news.

Who is the No. 1 person Americans swear by? 54% said it was mostly on themselves. He’s number one when people curse when he accidentally gets hurt.

https://www.kron4.com/news/this-bay-area-city-leads-the-state-in-swearing/ This Bay Area city leads the state in the oath

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