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Things To Know About Houston

Houston is the largest metropolis in Texas and the fourth most populous city in America. With a total area of 637.4 square miles, the city is vast and has an extensive history.

If you are looking to move to Houston, Texas, then there are a few things that you need to know about Houston beforehand. 

Home to more than ten thousand restaurants

Houston is home to culinary diversity. It houses more than 10000 restaurants serving lip-smacking multi-cuisine menus.

Since it is a tourist attraction, you would find several excellent restaurants with a wide variety of foods. Some of Houston’s most iconic food items are chicken fried steak, Fajitas, breakfast tacos, Pho, and Viet-Cajun crawfish.

Groceries can be costly in Houston, even with supermarkets offering discounts.

However, the cost of an average meal in Houston is less than the national average. This probably might be the reason why people in Houston eat outside more than any other American city in a week. 

Cost of living in Houston

The living cost in Houston is lower than the national average. If you move to Houston from any major city in the US, you will find Houston relatively cheap. The housing cost in Houston is 11.5% less than the national average, and the living cost is 4.2% less than the average of all urban areas. 


Talking about Houston is never complete without the mention of NASA. Johnson Space Center, a complex of more than 100 buildings, is not just a historical building in Houston. Even today, the space center continues to work in space exploration and technology. 

Largest Medical Center

Houston is the home to the largest medical center in the world. The Texas Medical Center is situated on 1000 acres, and the number of visits per year has an average of 7.2 million. It has 54 institutions related to medicine. The number of heart surgeries performed at Houston is more than any other medical center globally. 

World’s First Dome Stadium

Houston’s Astrodome is the world’s first dome stadium, and it opened in 1965, and while not in use today, it is still a matter of pride for Houston.

Transport In Houston

Houston is a large city, and most locals prefer to travel by car. Houston also has a bus system for connectivity all over the city and to other major cities. Biking and a rail network are also some options for traveling in Houston. 

Bayous In Houston

It is a common misconception that the waterways in the city are rivers. Well, they are not. They are bayous which move slower than a river, but the main difference is terminology. Because of these bayous, the city is often called the bayou city. 

Variety of languages

There are more than 145 languages spoken in Houston. After New York and LA, Houston is the third city with the most significant number of languages spoken in the US. The most commonly spoken languages are English and Spanish, and Vietnamese, Arabic, and Chinese are some other languages spoken in Houston. 

Largest shopping mall in Texas

If you are moving to Houston, you need to be aware of the term Galleria area. The Galleria is the largest mall in Texas, with four storeys and about 375 stores, and it is also the 9th largest mall in the US. 


Houston has a subtropical climate, and it rains almost every day, and it receives 53 cm of rainfall every year, which is more than other Texas cities. Drivers in Houston are comfortable with driving in the rain.

The winters in Houston are almost nonexistent. Even in January, one of the coldest months, the average temperature in Houston is about 53 degrees. You don’t even need a sweater for most winters, much less a jacket.

Because of the hot weather, locals are seen wearing flip-flops for most of the year.

Hurricanes and storms are primary causes of concern for people living in Houston. The hurricane season starts from June 1 and lasts upto November 30. 

Look For Pools

While buying a house in Houston, Texas, look for a pool. However, there is no need for heaters in the pool because of the hot and humid climate and the nonexistent whether you can swim in the pool for nine months in a year. 


If you think of moving to Houston, there is a lot to know about the city. Besides the geographical, historical, and demography, there is a lot to know about the city.


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