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Things to Do on a Saturday in Sunny California

Things to do on a sunny Saturday in California is an endless list. It all depends on whether or not you want to spend money or you are just looking for free things to do. It also depends on whether it’s just adults involved, or there are kids to consider. Let’s throw a few ideas out there and see what sticks.

Farmer’s Markets

Farmer’s markets always happen on Saturdays. Attendance is usually free, but produce, flowers, and other handcrafted items are not. Bring cash as not every vendor has a credit card reader on hand. Kids, dogs, and adults alike are always welcome, and it’s a nice way to start your Saturday morning. Usually there will be hot food and coffee vendors too, so make a morning of it.

Head to the Beach, If You Don’t Live There Already

California is known for its amazing beaches. Pick almost any beach and plan to head there on a Saturday morning. Stay all day playing in the sand and surf, or stay until your picnic lunch is done. Beaches are free too, and they are fun for the whole family. If you surf, watch for wave reports to see if you can “hang 10” or just paddleboard instead.

Take a Scenic Drive

Sure, it sounds silly, but sometimes the best adventures start with just getting in the car and driving. Old state highway 1 and parts of Route 66 provide some scenic views you might never have thought to travel, especially if live in some of California’s huge sprawling cities. Enjoy the sun and fresh air and the possibility of finding a fun and unique roadside stand.

Relax With Some Legal Cannabis

California’s forward thinking and proactive attitudes led the way to making cannabis for both medical and recreational use perfectly legal in this state. You can spend a Saturday ordering cannabis from a cannabis delivery service and just taking it really easy all day. Light it up with a group of friends, or binge-watch a show while smoking. It’s the weekend, so why not?

Hit up the Theme Parks

California is a wildly popular destination for tourists because of Disneyland, Universal Studios, Knott’s Berry Farm, and many other theme parks. These theme parks are open year-round. As a resident of California, you can get annual and seasonal passes to these parks, which makes it quite affordable to go to the parks more often than if you lived in another state.

Check out a Museum

Yes, it’s sunny and everyone else is outside, but that’s what makes visiting a museum on a Saturday so great. Low crowds and low attendance allow you to roam from exhibit to exhibit, art piece to art piece, looking and taking in everything at your own pace. There’s always a new installation at some art or natural history museum, so there’s always something new, different, and exciting to see.

Tour a Vineyard

In parts of California, vineyards crisscross the land. It’s nothing but grape vines for miles. Vineyards offer tours and wine tastings, which can help broaden your knowledge of wine and your palate. Check to see which vineyards are offering tours and book a time in advance as they tend to fill up fairly quickly. While some vineyards accept walk-ins for tours, it’s much more difficult to get into a tour this way.

Catch a Ballgame

Whether it’s baseball season or football season, it’s highly likely that there is a game going on. Saturdays are ideal times to go to a stadium and watch a game because California has quite the pro-ball lineup of sports teams. Buy your tickets ahead of games where the visiting team is likely to produce larger crowds. Less interesting match-ups of teams may still have tickets when you call or place a ticket order online.



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