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The UK’s Most Affordable Dog Breeds In 2021

shows that some have also declined, making owning a fluffy friend more accessible than ever. The English Springer Spaniel is now one of the country’s most affordable breeds, followed by the Cockapoo and Cocker Spaniel, whilst the cost of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has soared.

Money saving experts, Family Money, have put together a list showcasing how the cost of the UK’s popular dog breeds have changed from April 2021 to December 2021.

It’s no hidden secret that the cost of welcoming a four-legged friend into your home has risen since the start of the pandemic.

Dogs are one of the most popular pets. They’re cute, fluffy, and often seen as an addition to the family, providing support both physically and mentally.

Despite the rise of people buying a pet, it’s important to remember that these fluffers are for life. But how has the cost of some of the UK’s most popular dog breeds been impacted as a result?

The expert team at Family Money have taken the opportunity to look at the rise (or reduction) in the cost of the country’s top 16 dog breeds which includes the English Bulldog, Cockapoo, Pomeranian, and Shih Tzu.

How The Cost Of The UK’s Popular Dog Breeds Have Changed From April 2021 To December 2021


Breed Avg. April Cost Avg. Dec 


Price Difference
English Bulldog £2,995.00 £3,036.00 £41.00
Cavapoo £2,949.00 £3,010.00 £61.00
Miniature Dachshund £2,537.00 £1,982.00 -£555.00
Cockapoo £2,471.00 £1,459.00 -£1,012.00
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel £2,458.00 £3,331.00 £873.00
French Bulldog £2,389.00 £1,967.00 -£422.00
Pomeranian £2,247.00 £2,733.00 £486.00
Dachshund £2,242.00 £1,773.00 -£469.00
Cocker Spaniel £2,230.00 £1,692.00 -£538.00
Labrador Retriever £1,948.00 £1,799.00 -£149.00
English Springer Spaniel £1,602.00 £1,266.00 -£336.00
German Shepherd £1,589.00 £1,717.00 £128.00
Yorkshire Terrier £1,459.00 £1,683.00 £224.00
Shih Tzu £1,443.00 £1,533.00 £90.00
Staffordshire Bull Terrier £1,316.00 £2,095.00 £779.00
Chihuahua £1,250.00 £1,437.00 £187.00

9 of 16 dog breeds analysed had increased in price by an average of £318. That means that you could end up paying over for one of said dog breeds now compared to April.

Some of the dog breeds which had the biggest price increase included the Staffordshire Bull Terrier which average price point was £1,316 in April compared to £2,095 now – a huge £779 increase.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has also seen a huge jump in cost between April and December, originally marked at £2,458 compared to £3,331 now which is almost a £900 increase in cost in just 9 months.

However, some dog breeds such as the Cockapoo have seen a huge reduction in cost compared to April. Buying a Cockapoo now would save you £1,012 compared to April.

You can also now save £555 on purchasing a Miniature Dachshund and £469 when buying a Dachshund compared to earlier this year.

The Most Affordable, Family Friendly Dog Breeds

Breed Average Cost
  1. English Springer Spaniel
2.                  Cockapoo £1,459
3.                  Cocker Spaniel £1,692
4.                  Dachshund £1,773
5.                  Labrador Retriever £1,799

There you have it! The English Springer Spaniel is the most affordable, family friendly dog breed, closely followed by the oh-so-popular Cockapoo and Cocker Spaniel.

With the chance to save up to £1,012 on some popular dog breeds, now is the perfect time to weigh up whether you are ready to become a dog owner!

Disclaimer: Bringing a pet into your home should be carefully considered.

Whilst this analysis has been conducted on the cost of buying a pet, you will need to take further points into consideration such as pet insurance, food, and grooming costs.

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