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The Twitch Platform – Growing your Followers and Earnings

The leading gaming platform in the world today is Twitch. In 2017, it left the then leaders in video services YouTube behind and since then there has been no looking back. Twitch controls over 43% of all Internet-based global video gaming traffic, has over 30 million monthly broadcasts, 1.4 million concurrent users, and 1.35 daily active users. The platform is also into live streaming of music, curated content, and broadcast of e-sports.

Given the magnitude of the video streaming service, if you are a gaming addict, it is an ideal opportunity to monetize your expertise and skillsets. This post will take you into why you should have large numbers of followers for your channel and how to get Twitch followers if you want to earn enough to make a living from Twitch. Just to motivate you, Ninja, a top streamer on Twitch in August 2019 had about 14 million followers and regularly earned seven figures. If you can get a fraction of the pie, you are well-off for life!

The Benefit of Getting Twitch Followers

Before knowing how to get Twitch followers, you should understand why you should do so. Even if you are passionate about gaming and would prefer to spend the whole day with a console in hand, there is no harm in earning from it too. And Twitch is an ideal platform to earn handsomely if you can build up a large bank of followers.

When you have substantial numbers of viewers following your channel it is an indication that you provide value to them. It is social proof that you have a genuine and credible channel, almost like social media platforms where many followers indicate the level of your standing and authenticity. As your followers build up, others will get intrigued as to the reasons for your popularity and will begin to follow you too.

When you grow your channel this way, you will get noticed by leading companies and brands that will want to use your channel to promote their products and services to a wide global audience. It is a winning situation for both – they increase their footprint worldwide with a minimum of marketing effort and you get paid handsomely for this privilege offered to them.

The Twitch Platform – Growing your Followers and Earnings

Once you successfully implement your plans of how to get Twitch followers, and you have a large following, you can even sell personalized merchandise on your channel and earn a lot. Open a virtual storefront and stock it with specially curated merchandise – T-shirts, coffee mugs, laptop covers, and anything that you feel will appeal to your followers. Imprint every item with a logo and a message that is representative of what your channel stands for. Promote the store on your channel and you can be sure that your followers will buy the items in dozens.

Focus on how to get Twitch followers and watch your channel and earnings grow exponentially.

How to Get Twitch Followers

To get Twitch followers, there are two strategies that you can follow. One is the slow and steady way of increasing followers and the other is the faster route of buying followers from recognized and credible sites. Each will be examined in detail now.

Organic Growth of Twitch Followers

This method is time-consuming and it can be years before you have enough followers to make a difference in the level of your earnings. But on the positive side, this band of followers will be dedicated to your channel and not fade away. They will stay with youin the long run, donate through Twitch Bits, and buy from your virtual store. In a nutshell, these followers will motivate you to grow all the time and in turn, will draw in more numbers.

To hold on to these dedicated followers and to add more over time, you must be very serious about being a consistent streamer. Publish a schedule of your hours of play along with the games so that your followers know when they can find you. Without a fixed program you will be lost to your followers among the million others playing on Twitch.

Further, what is critical in your plans of how to get Twitch followers is creating a specialized niche on Twitch. It might be showcasing your gaming skills, imparting knowledge of complex games, or making a name for yourself as a fun and entertaining channel. Only then will you get noticed in the crowd and add to your followers.

Buying Followers for Quick Growth

A quick and seamless way to grow your Twitch channel is to buy followers from reputed and genuine sites. You have control over how fast you want to grow depending on what your budget is. If you can afford it, buy 100,000 followers, if not, even packages of 1000 at a time will do too. But before you start on this process, a word of caution.

Research the Internet to buy followers from reputed sites only. Many scammers will supply you with fake followers. You might see a temporary rise in numbers but these will fade away over time leaving you where you were. Further, in your quest for how to get Twitch followers, avoid sites that promise a very large number of followers in a very short period. These sites use bots and automation to get followers, a practice that is banned on the Twitch platform.

To be sure of how to get Twitch followers, select sites that provide customer support 24×7. They are less likely to be frauds or scammers.




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