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The Top Benefits of Using a UPS Shipping Calculator

Upon running any type of business, you will inevitably have to send packages to customers (sometimes even overseas). At that point, a good idea would be to estimate all the costs of the delivery and the exact shipping rates.

Suppose you try to calculate these figures manually – you’d end up in a loop trying to mix and match the costs and compare each delivery based on the designated destination it should reach. That would, undoubtedly, take up a lot of your time and money. 

Luckily, some tools can help you automate this process, called shipping calculators. The UPS shipping calculator is a tool that can help you avoid undercharging or overtaxing your customers while also estimating the exact amount of all the shipping costs.   

Top four beneficial traits of the UPS ground shipping calculator 

Read through our shortlist with the conveniences the UPS calculator can offer:  

  1. Calculating the shipping price based on the region 

Each state uses a different metric system for measuring the weight of packages you ship. Countries that resort to the metric system will naturally estimate the price based on metric meters. But states that use the imperial system will calculate the price based on cubic feet. See the easy-to-use calculator for UPS costs and estimate the shipping costs easily, regardless of the country you’re sending the package to; the calculator will do all the conversions for you.   

  1. Choosing a shipping preference and calculating the time of delivery

UPS shipping calculator can also help you set a shipping preference and send customers tracking notifications which help them get the accurate delivery time. The calculator can also estimate the number of miles the package will cross, the truck capacity for each, and the rates for each mile. You can calculate costs for UPS ground service here.

  1. UPS flat rates 

With a UPS flat-rate service, you can save money since you won’t need any qualifications and additional fees for using an alternative carrier service to complete comparable shipments. The shipping will be free for all package sizes, but you will only be able to access flat-rate packages if you use the products you ordered, not re-sell them. 

  1. Easy pick-ups 

The carrier may affect the price of delivery based on the type of pickup you choose. Sometimes, regular pickups can require a monthly fee. However, you’ll get discounts in return and even save cash if you have a recurring pickup service as your postage rates will become lower. 


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