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The Top 10 Trends in FinTech for 2022

Global Changes in the Financial Sector

In the past years of the global pandemic, the banking we are used to has undergone a number of changes. The digitalization of the financial sectorhas certainly been accelerated by the sudden restrictions and the new normal. The closure of borders, remote work – all of this has irreversibly changed people’s lives, including finances. When talking about finance, many new technological trends have emerged that you should know about if you’re working in the financial sector.

The Top 10 Trends to Keep Up With to Benefit Your Business

Let’s have a look at the main trends in the financial sector:

  • Business automation

Running a financial company requires regular complex transactions and paperwork. Automation of these processes will surely be a significant trend in 2022.

  • Financial Ecosystems

The concept of a financial ecosystem is gaining momentum now. In the financial industry, product developers are ready to fight for customers.Financial ecosystems for businesscombine information about products, customers, advertising and even company profits. These are beneficial for both client and company.

  • Offline finance

Many people do not understand finance and do not have enough time for educationon this complex topic. But still, the majorityis aware of the need for personal savings, investment and proper distribution of funds.The trend of the coming year is so-called autonomous finance. For example, artificial intelligence will manage the money allocated by the client, monthly investing it in the most promising stocks.

  • RegTech formation

RegTechtechnologies are designed to ensure the fastest adjustment offinancial organizationsto the legal standards. More importantly, Regtech solutions are designed to protect the assets of usersfrom hackers and scammers.

  • A new era of mobile banking

One of the most important discoveries of the smartphone era is the innovative ability to launch a bank that providesservices without physical branches, exclusively online.A new generation of financial startupsis moving away from physical branches and focusing on digital, attracting new potential clients with simple, convenient services.

  • Extension of application functionality

Today, users are becoming more demanding. They want more personalization. This motivates developers of banking products to expand the functionality of applications. Additional functions may include insurance, investments, digital cards, and more.

  • Growth in installment purchases

Buy now, pay later.The rapid growth of online commerce is driving some new payment models.

These modelsinclude such as the BNPL option (Buy now, pay later). The users of tomorrow want it more flexible.

  • Digital onboarding

Every year, connecting and registering users in applications takes less time than ever before.This does also apply to the banking sector.

  • The rapid growth of online commerce

More and more people are buying physical itemsfrom home with the help of their smartphone. Social media sales are on the rise too.

  • Increasing transparency and speed in B2B

In 2020 and 2021, the number of automatic payments has grown significantly.During the COVID-19 pandemic and work from home, many companies have had to change their usual transaction patterns.

Final words

Experts believe that the constant growth of FinTech will continue in 2022. And the above trends will have the most powerful impact on the development of this industry.

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