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The Sport of Baseball is Changing Lives

Venezuela is a country filled with natural beauty everywhere you look, Caribbean coasts with white sands and landscapes that are magazine worthy, but the most popular attraction is the world of sports, baseball in particular.

An age-old sport that has been played since the beginning of the 20th century and has become a saving grace for many of the up-and-coming youth of today. Baseball, to be played professionally is a dream kids could only aspire to be part of or even have the opportunity to play, until now.

An industry leader, David Faraco Heredia, has taken a keen interest in the sport of baseball, and working alongside the RBR Sports Baseball Academy is showing the world that baseball is changing lives.

The future of baseball

Sport has always been a way for people to come together irrespective of their background or culture, and even surpasses all boundaries of language, a simple love for the game speaks a thousand words in all languages. Now, baseball is being taken to the next level and the opportunities for rising talent are increasing.

An initiative created by Raymond Blake, and his sports partners David Faraco and Amado Faraco, has been on the rise, showcasing that sport can change the path and future of the upcoming generation for the greater good.

Too often low income families who may have a child with the potential to be a professional baseball player don’t have the finances to support their child’s dream like they would like to, until now. To financially support the family children are obligated to find work in other trades and their hope to be a professional baseball player gets put on hold, usually forever.

This is where the expertise and guidance of David Faraco Heredia and the RBR Sports Baseball Academy come into play, changing lives, and building futures.

The Academy of dreams

Promising children selected to train and live on campus at the academy have shown to have the potential to take baseball seriously and to the professional level, therefore training with the best coaches, being guided by the top nutritionists for diet and health is only a small advantage of being at the academy and training in the sport they love.

All the athletes’ sports equipment is provided, and psychologists are on hand around the clock to offer counseling, and guidance, and to keep the players mentally strong, motivated, and focused on their goals.

With a growing team of already 15 players on campus the academy’s ethics and motivation have already shown to be successful with their up-and-coming player, Yeison Oviedo, whose signature year is in as soon as 2024. A naturally talented player, and awarded the most outstanding player prospect of his year, he has grown through the academy to become a force to watch out for.

Envisioning the very best for our future generation is exactly what David Faraco Heredia has in mind, and to do it through baseball.

And while this all sounds wonderful it’s not all. Families of the players training do not have to burden themselves with the added financial stress of providing for their child while they are at the academy, it has all been provided for. This way the children can get the best training and support needed to reach their full potential, and their families have an opportunity afforded to their child and too can take joy in seeing them achieve success.

Sport for the greater good

Other than pure love for a sport there are other great considerations to look at when a sport is a factor for the future.

Sport is more likely than not physically demanding, athletes improve their cardiovascular system by preventing heart attacks or health issues, and is great for concentration and motivation. Sparking competitiveness is a great driving force, setting goals and working towards them promotes self-discipline and self-confidence.

When you come from a non-affluent background it can feel almost impossible to achieve the dreams you had as a young child or currently have while watching your favorite players on TV, but impossible is just a mindset. The RBR Sports Academy strives to achieve the best for potential baseball players from Venezuela, and to one day represent your country might just be the cherry on the top.

Promising futures

Leadership comes from the top and David Faraco Heredia is leading the next generation to a better future, with a forward-thinking vision, and expertise in sport and business, we could all take a page from his book to do right by our future potential leaders.

Sport is a global phenomenon that connects us all, and hearing how young athletes have this opportunity to make something great of themselves is what makes it all worthwhile. No dream is too big to achieve if you put in the work and you want it with all your heart.


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