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The Roots of America’s Love for NASCAR Racing

 NASCAR’s new line-up has been announced, and it’s the perfect time to discuss it. NASCAR is deeply embedded in US culture. This seems like a dumbed-down version of F1 for a foreign eye, and many Europeans don’t understand the appeal of watching cars do hundreds of laps on a donut-shaped track.

 However, once you dig in a little bit, NASCAR turns out to be a great motorsport with many strategies that even sports bettors highly regard. Every new season is the opportunity for bettors to try and find the best NASCAR picks. Let’s take a look at the sport and find out why NASCAR is USA’s favorite motorsport. 

How NASCAR Came to Be

The origins of the race competition date back to 1936, with an event allowing all types of cars to find out which car was the fastest. This race spawned an idea in the mind of Bill France, who was there that day and placed fifth. By 1947, he founded the NCSCC (National Championship Stock Car Championship), and the first competition started. 

In 1948, the plans for what’s now known as NASCAR were established, and the event originally included three divisions: modified, roadster, and stock. France and his team thought that people would prefer the first two divisions, but Americans fell in love with stock races. Over the years, the rules were adjusted, and the point system was even abandoned in 2011. 

A Sport Intertwined With American Culture

When you think about the US, NASCAR is one of the first images that comes to mind with the cliché of overweight men drinking beer and chanting. It’s partly true, but it’s much more than that. Over 100,000 fans show up at the racetrack daily, and millions follow the event from the comfort of their home. Among all of these people gathering, we can find wives and husbands watching NASCAR with their children. 

So NASCAR is a family sport, much more than basketball or football. It’s accessible, and the rules are easy to grasp within minutes, whereas football rules can be hard to follow for younger audiences. Another key aspect of the appeal is the drivers. 

In NASCAR, there’s no equivalent to NBA player Denis Rodman’s eccentricity. Most drivers are your average joe, and it helps people identify with them that much more. More than the sport in itself, it’s a great excuse to unite and celebrate together for many fans. In fact, the sport is becoming so popular that even F1 pilots join the competition. 

The Strategy Behind NASCAR Races

At first glance, all you see is cars turning left on a donut-shaped track. However, NASCAR has a set of rules that take the concept of racing in a totally different direction than other competitions. It’s a sport of endurance, with 200 laps to go through, and the simplicity of the track is only here to allow the drivers to elaborate strategies to beat the others in long-term plays. 

For example, the moment where the driver takes a pit stop is crucial because even if he leads the race, after too many laps, he risks losing adherence, which can lead to a loss of control on the track. There are many other facts to consider, which makes for an exciting competition. 

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