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The power of play: Why adults need recess too

As humans, we all need time to take a step back, breathe and refresh so as to lead a healthy life. Psychologist, Jeff Harry defines play as “any joyful act where you forget about time, where there is no purpose nor result, where you are entirely enveloped in the process.” Simply put, play is just any joyful and fun moment where you can lose track of time. Let’s take a look at why adults need recess and play too.

Play is bonding time

Play is more than just toys, it can be an intimate and bond-building activity with your kids and family. By simply setting aside regular playtimes and giving your children undivided attention, recess with them will bring you closer and strengthen that parent-child bond for life. Bring yourself to the same level as your child and play interactive games like Tea-time, Pass the ball, Card Games or Jurassic Park Rangers even – recreate scenes from the movie or play online. Make use of the Toys R Us catalogue or get creative and make your own DIY games and puzzles. Use these toys and games to help you tap into your imagination, together with your child’s and have endless fun together.

Play helps relieve stress

From time to time everybody deserves some fun time, a break away from work.  Stress is the biggest factor that contributes to 51% of depression in adults and 61% suffer from anxiety. When you take time for recess and have fun, your body releases hormones called endorphins, also referred to as the body’s feel-good chemical. When endorphins are released, your body is injected with a sense of well-being and relaxation and thus, reducing stress levels.

The power of playWhy adults need recess too

Play boosts brain function and creativity

Our definition of fun and recess differ from person to person; some people enjoy games like solving puzzles and others video games; both of which improve brain function and creativity. When engaging in such activities brain memory and functionality improves. This is because you are in this relaxed state and you are also challenging and training your brain to take on difficult problems. In addition, because games make use of your imagination you learn to adapt and might even get a flush of ideas.

Play strengthens work relations

The quote “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, ironically implies to adults too. An environment in which everyone is serious is one that lacks creativity. Recess at work with team building activities such as playing ping pong promotes an atmosphere filled with morale. This, in turn, has encouraged more productivity, higher job satisfaction, decreased rates at which employees skip work and strengthened work relations between employers and employees.

Play improves social skills

From a tender age into adulthood, play helps develop the social self or social being. This social self is the side of a person that interacts with people, builds relationships and shares ideas. Therefore recess in adulthood is reminiscent of this social being and thus refines your communication skills with others.


Don’t be shy to be playful as this will help build relationships with others, relieve you from stress and improve your brain functionality.

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