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The Most Common Wildlife That Causes Problems to California Homes

If you’re worried about your California home being under attack from local wildlife, you’ve come to the right place. It’s very important to educate yourself on the most common wildlife in your area, so as to know what to do if you encounter one. This also helps you know what types of animals are most likely to cross your path.

Of course, the wild animal that shows up in your yard can depend on a lot of factors, such as whether or not your property is fenced, if you have a garden patch, as well as the state of your home. Houses that have cracks or holes underneath, or in the roof are always more likely to attract wild animals.

But which animals, exactly?

1.  Rodents.

Rodents are a common houseguest pretty much anywhere in the United States. Because of the rapid expansion of urban areas, rodents, as well as other wildlife, have been forced to adapt to cohabiting with humans. This is why rats and mice are pretty much anywhere where there are people.

Rodents are usually attracted to food and water on your property, but also to warmth, particularly in the cold months. The trouble with rodents is that they can damage your furniture and walls, as well as expose you to the diverse bacteria they carry.

Not only that, but the presence of rodents on your property can also attract larger rodent predators, such as snakes, to your home.

2.  Snakes.

Speaking of which, snakes are also quite a common houseguest in California. While the state of California houses a whopping 33 species of snake, only 6 of these are venomous. Still, even a non-venomous snake can be quite threatening, and administer a painful bite, so it’s best to be cautious.

As seen above, the presence of snake “food” like rodents, insects, birds, or other small mammals, on your property can attract snakes to your property, as will dark, hidden spaces that provide excellent nesting room.

3.  Raccoons.

Raccoons are terrible houseguests because of their voraciousness. They will ebay anything, which makes them that much more difficult to deter. Not only that, but raccoons’ damage in your attic can be quite serious, including holes in the roof, torn shingles, fascia and soffit, and destroyed ducts, and vents. Furthermore, raccoons can also be responsible for destroying electrical wires, which can in turn increase the risk of fire in your home.

 Needless to say that if you are facing any of the wild animals on this list, the best thing you can do is hire an expert at norcalwildliferemoval.com. You should not attempt to remove the animal yourself, especially without adequate protection or equipment, as that can result in injury.

4.  Skunks.

Known for their vile odor, skunks are fairly small, black and white intruders who are just looking for food in your yard since skunks are omnivores, they will often dig up your yard, looking for grubs, works, larvae, and the like. So not only are you looking at the potential stench, but also at quite extensive damage to your yard, following a skunk visit.

While skunks aren’t as likely to spray you with their foul spray, as you might think, that’s still a very real threat, which is why you shouldn’t try to approach skunks on your own.

5.  Coyotes.


Coyotes are also quite common in California. These large animals are quite likely to enter your home through open doors, windows or flaps, of course looking for food. However, if they can’t find the exit easily, or if they become panicked, they are likely to destroy anything in their path.

Not only that, but coyotes can be quite a threat to household pets, as well as expose you and yours to a host of serious diseases, like hepatitis, parvovirus, and sarcoptic mange.

6.  Deers.

Last but not least, deers can cause quite extensive damage to your yard and garden, since they tend to tear out plants, and flowers. Not only that, but as with any other wild animal, a deer can carry ticks (which put you at risk of Lyme’s Disease), or expose you to other serious diseases.

Any of the above wild animals should be dealt with swiftly, so as to minimize the danger to you and yours.

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