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The Jewellery District In Downtown LA: What You Need to Know

It is quite fitting that the City of Angels is also the city of glamour and beauty. Downtown LA’s jewellery district is the largest district in all of the United States, offering anything from engagement rings, luxurious watches to gorgeous, coloured gemstones.

The buildings, in themselves, are also beautiful in their own right. Constructed during the 1920s, they manage to retain the art-deco architecture which was so popular at the time, giving them a vintage, almost otherworldly feel. It wasn’t until the 1960s, however, that jewellery sellers integrated themselves into what would become their long reigning hub.

Now there are over 1,500 retailers and wholesalers residing there, with each one of them offering a variety of services in the diamond and jewellery industry, making it a must visit for anyone looking to for a bit of sparkle.

Why Is It Worth My Time?

Being the largest jewellery district in the US, taking a wander down these streets will present you with a variety of jewellery options, styles, settings, diamonds, and just about anything you can think of. A lot of these sellers have been trading in the district for decades, which has given them an established reputation, built with a consistent customer base and appreciation.

Going to a diamond company that has this reputation is also important when it comes to getting the perfect jewellery for you. We are not all experts. Working out any budget restrictions, setting options or cut desires should be done with an established jeweller who can help you buy something that suits all of your needs.

Is As Trustworthy As People Say?

Of course, as with any jewellery district, not every wholesaler will be as good as the next one. In fact, there will be some retailers who will use pushy tactics to try and get you to buy from them. This can add an air of pressure and uncertainty which you do not want when you are looking to spend big money. And, while there are ways to deal with forceful salespeople, it’s still not ideal. Balanced advice must be given by a seller that you trust, and so you might have to sift through a few stores before you get to someone who is passionate about your own best interests.

Similarly, there will also be a lot of jewellery to turn over. This can be a handful if you are looking for something specific. Emotional jewellery is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s culture, with many purchasing jewellery based around astrology, spirituality or faith. But if you want some jewellery based in any one of these areas, then this can be better achieved with specific online retailers. For instance, a quick browse on sites such as Nadavart, who specialise in specific faithful jewellery, will be a lot more efficient and effective than rifling through an entire downtown district for the same purpose.

Take A Wonder And Keep An Open Mind

The beauty, history and magnitude of this place should not be underestimated, however. If you are a diamond lover and you’re looking for a bit of inspiration or variety, then you can’t get much better than LA’s downtown jewellery district. Have a wonder, be open minded, and who knows, you might come back with something truly special.


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