The Big Sneak – What Modern Sneaker Resellers Need To Know

A renaissance of footwear worship has strutted onto the millennial catwalk with a roar, AIO bots, and proxies, like Smartproxy help sneaker resellers make a success of copping the latest sought-after footwear. Outpacing footwear fashion choices like platforms, loafers, motorcycle boots, and ballerina slippers is the almighty sneaker.

Sneakers have got game and profound street power. Thousands of net-savvy entrepreneurs are cashing in on the sneaker resale industry, earning upwards of six figures and more annually. Cowen Investment Bank predicts secondary market sneaker sales will rise from its current $2 billion to $6 billion come 2021. Clearly this industry is thriving, but how are resellers making a success?

The Investment

Sneaker reselling begins with modest investments that can explode to huge returns by usingproxies and All in One (AIO) bots. Easily a pair of designer high top sneakers in high demand could retail at $475 and then hit eBay at a $950 resale price tag.

Your formula for sneaker copping starts online by locating shoes priced below market value, buying in bulk, then reselling or taking bids on a resale site. Studying projections and market trends will help you know where to point your investment radar. Check release dates of designer sneakers, shoes in demand, price drops and increases.

If you purchase on traditional platforms, like Facebook, eBay, Instagram and Amazon, double-check details to make sure you don’t get stuck with bootleg counterfeit sneakers. Instagram schools users on Fake Education to help spot non-authentic goods, take that class first. Prices too good to be true? No receipt? No photos and low seller ratings are sure clues the shoes may not be for real.

Bot Time

There is a lot of finger tapping at the computer keyboard for research. Bring in the AIObot investment to take over the menial, repetitive work. Bots are dynamic automated software application tools that can track down shoes and stats necessary for successful sneaker copping. Effectively destroying the chances of manual competition vying for the exact hot limited editions. Bots will find, click, request, and purchase multiples faster than any human.

There are different bots to give you a cyber shopping advantage via the backdoor entrances of store websites, enter in multitudes of raffles and scrape for sneaker debuts. An AIO bot will access more websites, complete hundreds of tasks simultaneously, create billing profiles, ace CAPTCHA checks and work with proxies.

Bots monitor for upcoming sneaker releases and restocks but, to expand your awareness join a reputable cook group or bot-focused Discord group chatting app. Always check the validity of your bot before purchasing.

A few top sneaker bots to consider::

Cyber sale (CyberAIO)

  • Windows
  • Starts at £300 bi-annually


  • Windows, macOS
  • Starts at $300 bi-annually

Project Destroyer (Experienced users)

  • Windows, macOS
  • Starts at $200 monthly

AIO Bot (One of the best and always available)

  • Windows
  • Starts at $325 bi-annually

Proxy Power

Powering your bot is the proxy. Proxies are IP addresses that don’t come in the bot box, so to speak, you must buy them separately. A proxy is a server that is the gatekeeper between devices and internet connections. Proxies take connection requests and deliver data in return. There are various types of internet proxies, relying on either changing IP addresses or authenticating on Wi-Fi networks.

The general intention is to protect your identity. In the realm of resale sneakerdom, residential proxies are king because they appear as authentic mobile and home-based devices with unique IP addresses. They are authentic devices at the root of the request, but the original user’s IP is not shared.

Dedicated sneaker proxies are geared for purchases on popular internet storefronts. Bot power reinforced proxies can enable you to work around restrictions on most fashion sites. Ordinarily hard to get limited releases, and limited quantity per-customer rules can thwart the efforts of sneaker copping tribes. Avoid free shoe proxies, you will get nowhere, and most have been banned and those that aren’t are easy to detect.

Sneaker proxies are generated with HTTPS and are fortified to integrate with sneaker websites. Your bot’s IP address will be hidden and ready to assist you in locating the most profitable channels to bring profits.

A few sneaker proxies providers:

  • Smartproxy
  • Supreme
  • Shopify (bots unprotected here)
  • YeezySupply/Adidas
  • Finishline-JD
  • Footsites US
  • Ssense


Contributing to lux sneaker reseller Goat’s $3.7 billion value was their powerhouse global tech engagement platform.Jumping into the sneaker reselling ring today won’t require old school nunchucks and fireball sales stunts; instead, it will require twenty-first-century geek skills.


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