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The Best Game Museums In The US

Aesthetically, video games are comparable to other forms of creative expression. This is something that every gamer will confirm for you. Thankfully, some share this sentiment and have devoted their careers to documenting and archiving video game and gaming history

In the world of art games have taken a respectable place, in India, for example, there are many online resources focusing on important aspects to follow in Andar Bahar. Game-playing museums, however, may be found all around the United States. These galleries shouldn’t be missed whether or not you are a gamer.

These museums have the best collection of games from decades ago. Let’s look at the best video game museums in the US without further ado.

Arcadia: America’s Playable Arcade Museum (Chicago, IL)

Arcadia is an authentic arcade that transports you back to 1984. All of their games accept actual coin currency.

They are brought back to life using their original hardware and functioning as closely as possible to when they were first created.

Some examples of the games available in Arcadia are The Addams Family, Twilight Zone, Revenge from Mars, Street Fighter 2, Terminator 2, Crazy Taxi, Dance Dance Revolution, Super Sprint, Race Drivin’, Super Mario Brothers Mushroom World, etc. Arcadia offers a wide variety of activities and attractions.

The Musee Mecanique Museum (San Francisco, CA)

The Musee Mecanique Museum in French is translated as Mechanical Museum in English.

The Musee museum is located on Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, California. The Museum is an interactive one that showcases arcade games and relics from the 20th century.

There are nearly 300 different types of mechanical games and entertainment gadgets on display at the museum. These range from music boxes and coin-operated fortune tellers to Mutoscopes and video games to love tests, player pianos, peep shows, photo booths, and dioramas. The museum is also home to lots of unique and historic exhibits here.

The National Videogame Museum (Frisco, TX)

The National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas, exhibits artifacts from and provides information on the video game business.

The museum opened in 2016 and has exhibitions on the history of the business, antiques and memorabilia, and classic arcade equipment for playing video games in an arcade atmosphere.

It is important to the museum that visitors play the games. Thus, many exhibits are set up to allow visitors to do just that.

The Pennsylvania Coin Operated Hall of Fame and Museum. (Pittsburgh, PA)

In 2015, the public will be able to visit the Pennsylvania Coin Operated Hall of Fame and Museum, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the history of coin-operated amusements, including pinball and arcade games.

You can find a massive arcade and pinball machine museum with over 400 classic games inside a 10,500-square-foot converted dollar shop. Surprisingly, 1,200 more devices are in storage, awaiting restoration and repair.

The Pennsylvania Coin Operated Gaming Hall of Fame and Museum, or PinballPA for short, is home to various unique machines, including some. The “Thunderball” machine is one example.

Roanoke Pinball Museum ( Roanoke, VA)

The Roanoke Pinball Museum is a hands-on exhibit that preserves and celebrates pinball’s historical and cultural significance in the United States. They have approximately 55 machines that may be played, with ages spanning from the 1930s to the present day.

To have all-day-long fun, you need to pay only once. The Museum is also available for tours by schools and parties.

Seattle Pinball Museum (Seattle, WA)

In August 2010, Seattle launched the Pinball Museum to the city. The idea was to set up old pinball machines so people could play them and experience kinetic art.

This location houses the largest public pinball collection in the region. You can play any of their fifty-plus games with your entry fee.

They include games from Jersey Jack Pinball, Dutch Pinball, Spooky Pinball, VP Cabs, and Stern Pinball, among others, dating back to 1934.

The Strong Museum of Play (Rochester, NY)

The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, was established in 1982. The museum is part of The Strong Rochester, founded in 1969.

The Strong’s goal is to investigate how games may be used as a tool for education, innovation, and discovery while also shedding light on the pasts of other cultures.

You may find thousands of dolls, games, puzzles, building blocks, banks, video games, pinball machines, and more in The Strong’s collection.

The Replay Amusement Museum (Tarpon Springs, FL)

The Replay Interactive museum is an interactive museum with more than 120 playable games and gadgets for its guests. They want their guests to feel like they’re in a place that has been visited a long time ago but never forgotten.


Most museum exhibits are designed to be seen linearly by visitors who stroll through, sometimes pausing to read labels or examine objects up close. The mission of the Replay Museum is to make learning fun and engaging via touch, play, and exploration.

The Replay Museum also aims to save mechanical amusement machines by highlighting their cultural, scientific, and artistic relevance for future generations.


Video games have been around for a very long time, with most of that time in nostalgic memories.

Fortunately, many have made it their mission to save these historical records for future generations.


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