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The best Flat Fee MLS companies in California

It is undisputed fact California has one of the hottest markets in the USA. The market was up by 18-20 percent in over a year and it is only best to look for options to save up on a few thousands of dollars while selling a house. Properties in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Fresno, and San Francisco are selling like hotcakes, and paying a full-service charge of 6 percent is too much, especially on a million-dollar home and more. The most prudent thing to do right now is to go for a flat fee MLS service in California. Going for a more localized MLS service will profit you in long term.


Before we jump to the top flat-free MLS in California, it is important to know how to list on MLS. Flat Fee MLS is a service where sellers can pay a fixed amount to get an MLS listing and a few other services as well, as per the package chosen. It is both profitable and convenient to the sellers, depending on the service chosen, location of the property, price point, and experience of the seller in real estate.

Flat Fee MLS California has more than one option to choose from. Following is a comprehensive list of 5 top MLS services in California.


Houzeo is a flat fee MLS service that gives you a listing for a fee starting with $299+. Your property will be listed on MLS which will be syndicated to all the major sites like Zillow/Trulia, Redfin, etc. With this, the posted property will get a lot of views which will lead to buyer interest.

Houzeo does not offer a California service but it is known to have a great reach. Another advantage of opting for Houzeo is that sellers get cutting-edge technology and a user-friendly interface to use. This ensures transparency and eases conducting transactions. Houzeo has its system called Intellist Listing Management which provides technical guidance in deciding price point, staging, pricing, photo uploads, documentation, and closing.

For a premium package, Houzeo also has an online system to manage showings and there is a full-service virtual real estate agent guiding sellers through every step. 

You can check out Houzeo reviews to confirm the same.

Flat Fee Guru

This is one of the pricey services in California but with a good reach. They offer a basic package for $595 which includes an MLS listing for six months and allows up to 20 photos with the listing.

The premium package is priced at $2,495 which offers MLS listing until the property is sold off. A full-service agent is available to guide you but only virtually. 

Flat Fee Guru also acts like a dual agent where a seller has to pay a $3,995 fee and they represent the buyer as well. This means that the seller saves up on buyer commission. 

The MLS service is priced higher and if you take up their $3,995 offer, you will be dealing with a dual agent. This is precarious as it is uncertain if 100 percent seller interest would be met in this arrangement. 

MLS Town

This service is exclusive to Northern California. The USP of MLS Town is that they give a bang for the buck and is great for cost-conscious experienced sellers hoping to crack the best deal in a hot market. They offer a basic package at just $95 with 3 months of MLS listing and 8 photos.

The next option is their annual package which charges $295 with a year around MLS listing, 16 photos and other add-on services like CMA are chargeable for an additional $50. The first 30 minutes worth of listing support is free then the sellers have to pay $75/30 per minute and an extra $75/30 minutes if they want assistance with offer negotiation.

MLS Town also offers traditional services of a full-service agent for a 1% commission. There is a mid-way too. Sellers can pay as per their requirements if they don’t want the first two packages.


On the whole, this service works if the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is confident that their property will sell like hot cakes in the market. MLS Town has flexible plans and sellers can save up to a lot of dollars if they have experience.


Florida is one of the most coveted locations from the real estate point of view. Beycome is a flat fee MLS company based out of Florida offering avant-garde technology and a competitive fee structure. At $99 you get a basic package that gives you an active MLS listing, till you close it. They also syndicate your listing on other real estate sites for free. It also allows maximum photos, unlimited changes for free, a guide for showing, digitization of documents, and access to forms and disclosures.

For a $399 flat fee, Beycome offers professional a photoshoot, personalized yard signs and flyers, digital advertising, and one open house. These services are included in addition to all other services in the basic package.

At $599 Beycome gives support like a traditional full-service agent with all the facilities available to the sellers. At the time of closing, they charge 1 percent of the fee to the seller.

Congress Realty

Congress has a basic package at a flat $299 which gives a six-month listing on MLS and 6 photos with it. They also do digital documentation along with the facility to do an online signature. They also share state-approved contracts and disclosures with this package. 

The next package available is at $399 which is called ‘Plus’. Apart from basic services they have a facility to manage showings online and an automated phone line facility that forwards all buyers’ calls directly to the seller. This package also lets the seller put up maximum photos on MLS.

Valued at $499 Congress Realty’s premium package gives complete social marketing support to the sellers. Apart from including the services available in the ‘Plus’ package this service lets sellers do unlimited changes to their MLS listing for free but apart from that, there are no additional benefits as such.

Congress Realty has a full-service package too at $399 +0.5%. It has all the features of a traditional full-service real estate agent.

Overall, Congress Realty is a pricey affair. Their basic package is not value for money because their competitors give the same services starting from $95. Moreover, there isn’t much difference between their Plus and Premium packages, considering the price point. 


Selling a property in California should be a piece of cake, in this market. California market outperformed itself in April as the price shot up by 4.2 percent more than in March. The sale increased for a million-dollar home as opposed to the ones at $500,000 or less. It should also be noted that around 72.8 percent of homes were sold above their asking price in April. 

Thus it is necessary to choose wisely if sellers are opting for Flat Fee MLS. Once the How to List On MLS question is answered by the sellers, it is for them to choose a company that is both cost-effective and service-oriented.

California has some viable options as far as flat fee MLS is considered starting from $95 to 1 percent of the sale price.  


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