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‘Tenant from hell’ who also lived rent-free in Oakland moves out of LA Airbnb

Elizabeth Hirschhorn, the woman who had squatted rent-free at a Los Angeles Airbnb for 570 days, moved off the property on Friday.

Hirschhorn, 55, began renting the guesthouse in September 2021 from a periodontist in Los Angeles’ Brentwood, the LA Times reported. Following her 6-month stay, she refused to leave, arguing that she wasn’t obligated to pay rent because the landlord, Sascha Jovanovic, hadn’t obtained an occupancy license for the unit. Labeled as the “tenant from hell” by Jovanovic’s lawyer, Hirschhorn had demanded $100,000 in relocation costs to move.

“I’m very relieved and also a bit overwhelmed,” Jovanovic told the Daily Mail.

Before moving into Jovanovic’s Airbnb, Hirschhorn was also caught up in a similar dispute with an Oakland landlord. In fall 2019, she sublet a room in a Rockridge home, then allegedly refused to leave or pay rent, citing COVID regulations and health concerns. Though the landlords filed to evict her in August 2020, she remained in the two-bedroom cottage for over a year, the Mercury News previously reported, and came to a settlement with the landlords in July 2021.

On Friday, Jovanovic was at his home when he saw three men, who turned out to be movers, walk into the guesthouse, the LA Times reported. Fearing that they might be breaking into his house, Jovanovic called the police.

“Officers showed up for a landlord tenant dispute and determined it was a civil matter only,” an LAPD spokesperson told the Bay Area News Group. “No criminal enforcement actions were taken.”

Even though Jovanovic may have won in getting Hirschhorn off his property, the legal battle may not be over. After Hirschhorn left, Jovanovic told the Times that he changed the locks on the door to the guesthouse, a move that Hirschhorn’s attorney, Amanda Seward, claims “violated the law.”

https://www.eastbaytimes.com/2023/11/07/tenant-from-hell-who-also-lived-rent-free-in-oakland-moves-out-of-la-airbnb/ ‘Tenant from hell’ who also lived rent-free in Oakland moves out of LA Airbnb

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