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Spy on iPhone Without Access to The Target Phone Guaranteed

Are you concerned and interested in finding out more about what is going on with the cell phone activities of your children, spouse or employees? How easy is it to monitor someone’s cell phone activities without touching their device? Hackraptor gives you the opportunity to spy on a cell phone in real time. Technological changes and evolution have brought about innovative spy software/app developers. Using the right iPhone monitoring app like Hackraptor, you are guaranteed to easily spy on any iPhone, target iOS device and even android phones without having any physical access to it. There are a broad range of legit reasons why you could be interested in using a spy phone app. 

How Do Spy Apps for iPhone Without Target Phones Work?

Hackraptor cell phone spy app is very useful in performing smartphone surveillance. It can help you track the target activities of the person’s device. Having direct access to the target device is the simplest method to install and run a spy program. However, there is another reliable way to spy on an iPhone, Android or iOS device remotely – You can hire a cell phone hacker for an iPhone or android hack.

Apple’s iCloud backups for all iPhones is very helpful in spying on iPhones without jailbreaking it, and by using phone number or Apple ID and password. Because it is a cloud storage service, using a dependable iPhone spy app like Hackraptor helps you remotely gain access to the target iPhone or iOS device without jailbreaking the iPhones or target device.

Best Way to Spy on iPhone Without Access to Target iPhone

If you try to spy over someone’s phone and get caught, it can be pretty embarrassing. Even being embarrassed isn’t the worst thing that could happen. It can end a relationship or make it harder to stay together. As a result, the easiest approach to spy on an iPhone is not to touch it.

One of the finest and most advanced ways to extract all the information you want from your iPhone is with Hackraptor. How is that even possible? Continue reading to discover how to spy on a gadget without physically touching it.

Best Spy App Software to Monitor iPhone Discreetly: Hackraptor

If you’ve ever been curious about how to spy on a gadget without really touching it, this article should answer your questions. There is no doubt that it is possible to spy on an iPhone without trying to touch it. You can see almost all of the information on a phone without having to download any extra software or “jailbreak” it. If you want a sophisticated spying program, Hackraptor seems to be the best choice.

Hackraptor is a reliable, easy-to-use spy app that lets you keep track of what your target does on their phone. This app is very popular with both consumers and people in the tech world. Users as well as the media have all said good things about it. Several well-known media outlets have written about the app, including iGeekPhone, Hackernoon, Forbes, CNET, TechRadar, and Tom’s Guide, The American Reporter, among others.

Spy on iPhone Without Access to the Phone With Hackraptor

It works with both Android and iPhone, so you can use it to keep an eye on either one. Hackraptor allows you to monitor the target iPhone in real-time and access its contacts, social media applications, geolocation, and messages. You can find out more about the app’s features by contacting Hackraptor’s customer service.

With Hackraptor, you can watch what an iPhone does on the phone without touching it. The program has gained a lot of traction among parents, employers, and spouses who are interested in monitoring the actions of their respective targets. You may turn on the Hackraptor app on your adolescent’s iPhone to keep a watch on them. It also serves as the best spy app for people who want to keep an eye on what their partners do on their phones.

Spy on iPhone Without Having the Phone Using Just Phone – Hackraptor

The app works well without drawing attention to itself. It doesn’t have any effect on the target iPhone because it’s not touching it. The iOS version of Hackraptor doesn’t need any apps to be installed. This means you don’t have to have access to the device you want to spy on in order to do so.

Hackraptor works with the target iPhone’s iCloud backup. As long as the target device’s iCloud backup account is active, you may see all of its data.

Activities You Can Spy and Monitor With Hackraptor

There is a great deal that may be spied on the iPhone of your target with Hackraptor – hire@hackraptor. The app has more than 35 features that let you use the same set of features on that same device you want to control. Let’s take a look at a few.

Call Logs History When Hackraptor is activated on an iPhone, call information may be seen. These contain incoming and outgoing calls, names, contact numbers, display photos, and addresses.

  • Text Messages

You will also be able to see the messages that are sent, received, and deleted on the target device. Whenever the messages have files that you can download but also look at, you can do that.

  • Whatsapp

Hackraptor also allows you see what people are saying on WhatsApp on the phone you want to spy on. You will be able to see both private and group chats as well as any shared media on the platform.

  • Instagram

You can also use your target’s device to see what they are doing on Instagram. You can look at their posts, personal messages, and information about the people who follow them. You’ll be able to see both the videos and photos they share and the private ones they get.

  • Other Apps For Social Media

With Hackraptor, you can use all of the apps on the target device, including social media apps. These include Facebook, Viber, Telegram, Snapchat, LINE, Kik, and many more. You might also be able to see other apps, like dating apps.

  • Browser History

Are you concerned about the websites that the person you want to reach goes to? You can keep track of what they look at and do on the Internet. Hackraptor sends information about what your target is doing in their browser to your dashboard. You can look at their program history, pages they’ve bookmarked, and pages they’ve deleted.

  • Real-Time Location

Hackraptor also lets you see where your target device is in real time. You are able to see their location through time as well as the history of their region. With this, you can have the real peace of mind that comes from knowing where your loved one is.

Requesting the Best iPhone Spy App

Among the many functions offered by Hackraptor, an iPhone spy monitoring software, are the ones listed above. Do you want to check out someone else’s iPhone? Might it be fair to say that you’re worried about being exposed? You don’t have to worry about that with Hackraptor. Because it has a greater number of features than its competitors, Hackraptor stands out among its contemporaries.

It is risk-free as well as safe, and the device doesn’t need to be jailbroken. There’s no need to worry about being caught since you don’t require physical access to the device.

5 Step-by-Step Guide to Spy Someone’s iPhone Rather Than touching the Phone

Set up the app for the iPhone you want to spy on before you try to spy on it. Here are the steps you need to take to turn on Hackraptor just on device you want to hack:


  1. Provide the target phone information – phone number and phone type
  2. Choose your preferred package
  3. Type your username and password into your monitoring access link
  4. Start spying and monitoring the activities on your target device


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