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Sports betting in California: on the way?

Sports betting in the US has been gathering steam over the last few years. With more and more states making it legal, it’s not a surprise that it is becoming more popular with people than ever before. Players have the ability to use regulated sites, which makes it much easier to place a bet on any sport that you like. While California hasn’t caught up to other states in the USA just yet, there is a lot of talk that 2022 will be the year it takes the plunge. We’ve taken a look at the options that are available now and what is likely to be offered in the future for Californians.

Available across other states

 At the moment, there is a massive selection of different betting options available for people who live in different states. The main option that has become popular is to use online sports betting sites. Many players have chosen to start betting on sports at Caesars Sportsbook. This has allowed players the ability to place a variety of different bets on sporting events, with everything from the NFL to the EPL being covered.

This has moved on from having to use offshore gambling sites, which was the case for most players within states that didn’t have legalized gambling. The change from the courts meant that many players have a much better opportunity to enjoy sports gambling than ever before.

Current California legislation

 Currently, online sports betting isn’t allowed within California. This is despite many other forms of personal entertainment being fully regulated within the state. It means that players who want to enjoy sports betting have to find other means to do so. This usually involves using offshore sites to play at.

While offshore sites aren’t legal, it’s not the players who tend to be punished when using them. The penalties from governments tend to be reserved for the people who operate the offshore sites, rather than the people who play at them.

While it does sometimes cause some anxiety to play at these sites, generally speaking it’s not too much of a problem for players. This is because there are a number of high-quality review sites on the market where players are able to find out which offshore sites are trustworthy.

This makes it simple to find the best sites out there that will offer sports betting without any issues. On top of this, players also have the opportunity to use a VPN service to get access to sites from across state lines. While this does pose some level of risk as it may be against the terms of service, this option can be used if people are willing to take on the risk.

Finally, players could also visit neighboring states. This allows the chance to use the sports betting apps within the states in a completely legal manner. Of course, once leaving that state, using the app will no longer be allowed.

Expectations in California for the future

 California has long been known as a vibrant hub for technology. It is where many different software and other tech companies have been formed. This is why it is such a surprise to see sports betting lagging behind in the state. The technology used to provide this service is something that would link in with the heritage that California has with technology. However, there are some green shoots of promise for gamblers within the state.

Firstly, fantasy sports are legal within California. This means that players have the ability to get some access to a form of sports betting. It isn’t exactly the same as traditional sports betting, but it’s better than nothing. It also offers some promise for the future.

Because fantasy sports are allowed, it’s likely that the local government will soften its stance going forward. This will give players a much better chance of getting access to legal sports betting in California in 2022.

There is also a lot of talk about the California government making the decision to allow sports betting very soon. Although the state has rejected calls for sports betting so far, it has also been taking note of the level of revenue that it has created within other states.

All of this has helped to gather momentum behind the calls for sports betting to be legalized. It might not take place during the first half of the year, but there is a good chance that going into the second half of 2022, we could see legal sports betting being allowed for Californians.


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