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Special service messages in Bosch washing machines

Usually, each new model of any household appliance is more difficult than the previous ones.

More advanced details, additional components appear in the design, and the latest technologies are also used. For example, thanks to the new functionality, in order to clean the washing machine, it is enough to select the appropriate mode and start washing, and not to “pound” special solutions and use them strictly according to the instructions.

So that new improvements do not make life too difficult for masters, manufacturers have provided a self-diagnostic system in washing machines, which not only stops the execution of the washing cycle in emergency situations, but also displays special service messages, the so-called washing machine error codes.

For an experienced craftsman, by comparing the code and the external manifestation of a breakdown, it will not be difficult to accurately determine not only the faulty unit, but also the failed part.

Bosch washing machine errors

Despite the fact that the manufacturer has standardized the error codes to the maximum for all model ranges of washers, some of them, mainly models without an indicator, have different ways to display codes and features of their decoding.

Therefore, we first present a table in which all possible errors of the Bosch washing machine are collected, and then we will consider the features of their display on specific models.

Before you begin to study the errors and search for a faulty washer assembly, try restarting the machine by de-energizing it for a quarter of an hour. If after that the self-diagnosis system displays an error, you will have to start troubleshooting.

At the same time, it must be borne in mind that in order to diagnose and troubleshoot, it will be necessary to disassemble the washer and perform some diagnostic measurements. Therefore, if you do not have sufficient experience, it is better to contact the service center.

Same codes – different solutions

Despite the fact that the of Bosch washing machine error codes are almost the same in almost all models of this brand, for the Bosch WFP series they are interpreted a little differently.

The lineup includes both washers with a display and simpler versions not equipped with a display. But regardless of the modification, error codes for Bosch Maxx 5, 6 or 7 washing machines will always be displayed on the front panel in the form of combinations of luminous and inactive indicators. For decoding, five spin speed LEDs and four washer status LEDs are used. For some code combinations, there are two display options.

Some users of Bosch washing machines often write that their error code is not in the official tables or the technique does not work, but the scoreboard is empty. This also happens and, most likely, the problem lies in the electronic module. You cannot solve such cases with your own hands; you will either have to repair it by contacting specialists, or get a new one and replace it.

It should be noted that even in models with a display, it is worth paying attention to other indicators. There may be a problem with the display itself.

The manufacturer Bosch has provided a test mode in washing machines. Always check the mode, because the indication of errors will be different in normal and diagnostic mode, and their correction should also be carried out in different ways.

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