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South Carolina Health System: Increasing Demand of Travel Nurses this Pandemic

South Carolina health system increasing demand for travel nurses this pandemic has been an issue for the past years. The hiring of nurses in South Carolina is continuous since the demand is also increasing continuously. Just like any other State, South Carolina has experienced shortages of nurses since the pandemic began. In this article, you will know some of the pros of Being a travel nurse in South Carolina during this pandemic.

How was the Population of Nurses in South Carolina?

In 2020 the number of nurses in South Carolina had increased but was still not enough to cover the demand for nurses in medical facilities. Due to the pandemic, the need for nurses has been intense and so South Carolina has been targeting to increase their nurses. They however meet the 50% increase but are still not enough to meet the demands for nurses in their area.

How In Demand are Travel Nurses in South Carolina this Pandemic?

Due to the scarcity of nurses despite the efforts of one to produce enough nurses. Travel nurses are getting assigned to South Carolina. There are almost 325 travel nurses that have been contracted by agencies for just a couple of months. With this figure, the demand is indeed high.

What are the Advantages of Being a Travel Nurse Around South Carolina?

South Carolina is popular for its seaside resorts. So if you are a nurse and love the sea then South Carolina can be a perfect assignment for you. You can also do other adventures while in South Carolina such as Canoeing or Paddle boating on the river. Plus if you are a foodie South Carolina is also known as home for the chefs, you can enjoy eating different kinds of food in their culinary capital in Charleston.

What are the Pros of Being a Travel Nurse in South Carolina?

As a travel nurse in Carolina you can reap the following benefits:

Opportunity to Grow your Career

As a nurse, it will be good to work in South Carolina since you will get the chance to practice your profession due to the high demand for nurses. You will get to experience how to handle intense situations and this will teach you more knowledge about handling different patients and setups since you are not in your hometown. You might be doing the same routine but by working in a new environment there are things that they do differently. This can enhance your skills in adjusting to something new in your work environment.  Plus getting more exposed to different working environments can help you advance your career by getting the chance to know more about how other medical facilities handle things.

Opportunity to Earn More

A travel nurse in South Carolina can earn $1,700 and up depending on several factors such as their specialization and exact location in South Carolina. Travel nurses can earn more than regular nurses, that’s why most nurses opt to work as travel nurses.

Travel Nurse Gets Other Benefits

Apart from higher hourly pay.  A travel nurse can also get free accommodation during their assignments. Their housing is taken care of by their agency or they are given a housing stipend. Plus their job-related travel expenses are reimbursed by the agency.

Opportunity to Explore South Carolina

The good thing about travel nursing jobs is being able to visit different places like South Carolina. It is a good place to have some adventure during your free time. There are many things to explore in South Carolina, so getting a travel nursing job here can give you the opportunity to see the beauty and enjoy the activities you can do there.

Having an idea about the South Carolina health system: increasing demand for travel nurses during this pandemic can help you know what to expect once you are assigned in that area as a travel nurse. If you are not yet a travel nurse then it’s time to start looking for a nurse staffing agency where you can apply and be qualified. In that way, you can start your journey as a travel nurse and make South Carolina your first assignment, and pretty sure you won’t regret it. Plus enjoy higher pay and the other benefits you can get as a travel nurse. As a nurse work and life balance is impossible but as a travel nurse, it is possible.


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