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South Bay smoking shops targeted in robberies

Campbell, California (cron) — A South Bay smokehouse is targeted by robbers. Store owners feel they could have done more to prevent these smash-and-grabs.

At least two smokehouse owners in San Jose and two in Campbell have been robbed in recent weeks. The store’s owner says it’s putting the store out of business forever.

At Campbell’s Xotic Smokes, the owner didn’t want to be seen on camera after being robbed for the third time in recent weeks.

“It was 6:30 a.m. in broad daylight and I think the police would come, but I was there for about an hour and no one showed up,” the owner said.

He’s not alone, as several other smokehouses in Campbell and San Jose have been robbed in recent weeks.

“I don’t think the authorities care much about smoking areas,” the owner continued.

There was a break-in Friday night at the Twilight Zone Smoke Shop near the Capitol and Vista Point Drive after a vehicle rammed the front of the store. It’s the same method used in other robberies.

They used a stolen car and smashed it through the windshield early in the morning.

Campbell also had a robbery at the Vapors smoking area, and police said they did not pursue the suspect due to police policy.

Police do not pursue nonviolent crimes that do not involve firearms.

One owner says it’s time to change course

“I think the policy needs to be re-evaluated,” said Jamie Jarratana, owner of Vapors Smoke Shop. “People want to close stores and move out of California, so we need to really see what’s going on. If we want the economy to thrive, we have to change this.”

KRON4 contacted the police for an update on whether any suspects in these robberies had been caught, but received no response.

KRON On is broadcasting news live

Management is sick of losing thousands of dollars.

https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/multiple-south-bay-smoke-shops-targeted-by-burglars/ South Bay smoking shops targeted in robberies

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