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Singer takes to Instagram to remember friend

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — Lady Gaga took to Instagram Monday and posted an emotional tribute to the late Tony Bennett. Bennett, who passed away last week at the age of 96, was a frequent collaborator with Gaga and the two were known for their musical collaboration and cross-generational friendship.

“I will miss my friend forever,” Gaga wrote. “I will miss singing with him, recording with him, talking with him, being on stage together. With Tony, I got to live my life in a time warp.”

Bennett, who immortalized the City by the Bay with his iconic hit, “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2016. In her tribute, Gaga also spoke of their time together following the disease taking hold of him.

“Losing Tony to Alzheimer’s has been painful but it was also really beautiful,” she wrote. “An era of memory loss is such a sacred time in a person’s life. There’s such a feeling of vulnerability and a desire to preserve dignity. All I wanted was for Tony to remember how much I loved him and how grateful I was to have him in my life.”

Over a career that spanned more than eight decades, Bennett released more than 70 albums and won 19 Grammy Awards. Gaga also paid tribute to Bennett’s longevity and their notable age difference.

“Though there were 5 decades between us, he was my friend. My real true friend. Our age difference didn’t matter — in fact, it gave us each something neither of us had with most people. We were from two different stages in life entirely — inspired.”

Gaga, who has 13 Grammy Awards herself, said that in collaborating with Bennett, the duo “transported ourselves to another era, modernized the music together and gave it all new life as a singing duo.”

“But it wasn’t an act,” she wrote. “Our relationship was very real. Sure he taught me about music, about showbiz life, but he also showed me how to keep my spirits high and my head screwed on straight.”

“I love Tony. Love, Lady,” the post concluded.

Lady Gaga and Bennett put out two albums together — “Cheek to Cheek” in 2014 and 2021’s “Love for Sale.”

https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/lady-gaga-pens-moving-tribute-to-tony-bennett/ Singer takes to Instagram to remember friend

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