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Seven reasons why not playing at the land basedcasino is a good idea

The house always wins. Every gambler knows this phrase, yet they choose to gamble at casinos. Mathematical probability is always in favor of casinos, but there are several other reasons why you are better off not visiting the casinos.

Let’s find out the top 7 reasons not to visit abrick and mortar casino.

No protection 

Before the pandemic, casinos hardly cared about germs. After 2020, things have changed, and public places are hotspots of germs. Casinos are some of the worst offenders. There is no level of social distancing, and chips are continuously passed around. Several gamblers also use slot machines that can spread infections and germs.

Overall, even the cleanest casinos are not risk-free. It would be best to play with online casinos without documents to have fun without infection risks.

Casinos take your money 

Casinos are businesses driven by the goal of taking your money. If they do their work correctly, they make a ton of money. Everything you will experience in a casino is aimed at making you lose money. The free drinks you get are not a courtesy but a trick because drunk players lose massive amounts. You don’t get rewards and bonuses because casinos like you, but they are a trap to make players chase more rewards and offers.

This might be a sad way to look at things, but it is essential to be aware of it because to beat the house, you have to look beyond their veil of hospitality.

Poor odds

The ridiculous odds that casinos offer are simply against players. Most casinos provide impossible odds of winning. Unless you have some way to game the system, you will lose. This is another reason to avoid casinos.

You have to travel

Only a fraction of the population lives near casinos. You probably have to travel if you want to gamble at a casino. Unless you are on vacation, you cannot bet as frequently as you might wish to. It can be an entire day’s plan to play at a casino as you will have to spend hours traveling to and from the casino.

Online casinos without documents offer a more accessible alternative. You can gamble on your computer or mobile without any casino ID verification. It is the freedom to bet anytime and anywhere. It’s still obligatory to be over 21 in order to participate.


One thing about online casinos that makes players like them is home comfort. But with offline casinos, you have to spend your time with hundreds of strangers. Unless you are an extrovert who feels comfortable around people, casinos can be overwhelming. If you want to enjoy your favorite casino but avoid the crowd, you can visit in the morning when casinos are almost empty.

Another option is to gamble from your mobile at any online casino.


It is one of the side effects of crowded places. They are often noisy. Casinos are buildings packed with people, and the noise level is high. Music, people, slot machines, and random sounds can overwhelm the uninitiated.

The hidden ATM fees 

Have you ever made transactions at an ATM at a casino?

If not, don’t ever dare to. The fee is so high that you might end up breaking the bank. Another reason not to visit a casino is that you can burn your savings unless you have self-control. If you are visiting a casino, don’t take your ATM card.


Casinos might be the best places for fun and gambling, but they are a hotbed of germs. Crowd, noise, and impossible odds are just warning signs of why not playing at the casino is a good idea.


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