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Sci-fi lightning captured on video

San Francisco (cron) — Lightning appeared to strike the Transamerica Pyramid on Tuesday, caught on camera during KRON4’s noon newscast. As hail fell briefly over the city and the sound of thunder shook office windows, we could see lightning flashing above the iconic pyramid.

On the streets, pea-sized hail bounced off the sidewalks and shattered underfoot as heavy rains, lightning, thunder and extreme weather hit the city. The Bay Area is in the midst of a “storm parade,” which sees widespread flooding, evacuation warnings, and damage from fallen trees and other debris on top of wild San Francisco weather.

You can follow all the latest developments about Arashi KRON4 Livestorm Blogfeaturing the latest information on traffic, closures, flooding, extreme weather, and other storm-related issues.

A flash flood warning is currently in effect for areas near San Francisco and San Mateo counties.

https://www.kron4.com/news/bay-area/lightning-over-the-transamerica-pyramid-caught-live-on-air/ Sci-fi lightning captured on video

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