San Jose and Oakland airports pass 1 million monthly passengers

Airplane travelers in the baggage claim area at Auckland International Airport in December 2020. (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group)

The San Jose and Oakland international airports each extended streaks of solid results in passenger activity, but both aviation hubs are well below trends posted before the coronavirus outbreak.

Results from the latest air travel activity from South Bay Airport and East Bay Airport show that both travel facilities are returning to strong levels of monthly passenger travel, while the two air hubs have reached peak levels prior to arrivals. It shows that you are still struggling to get it back. coronavirus.

San Jose International Airport handled just over 1.09 million passengers in August. This marks his fourth consecutive month that the South Bay Aviation Complex has served at least one million monthly passengers.

Auckland International Airport handled just under 1.09 million passengers in August, with more than 1 million passengers traveling through the East Bay travel hub for the third consecutive month.

During the same period from May 2022 to August 2022, San Jose Airport averaged 1.08 million monthly passengers, while Oakland Airport averaged monthly passenger numbers over the last four months.

However, these recent periods still fall short of the combined monthly passenger numbers the two airports enjoyed in 2019, the last year before coronavirus hit the global economy at large and the travel and hospitality sectors in particular. Is not.

San Jose’s latest average of 1.08 million monthly passengers is 16.9% below the 1.3 million monthly average the airport achieved in 2019, the news agency’s analysis of San Jose’s flight statistics shows.

Auckland Airport averaged 1.06 million passengers over the last four months, 5.4% below East Bay Airport’s 2019 average of 1.12 million monthly passengers.

Still, despite these disappointing results, the overall trend for the two airports is improving.

San Jose International Airport averaged 908,900 monthly passengers for the first eight months of 2022. That’s 49% more than his 2021-wide monthly average of 610,000 passengers at the South Bay Aviation Hub.

Auckland International Airport recorded an average of 906,221 passengers per month in the first eight months of 2022. This is 33.3% higher than the East Bay complex’s monthly average of 680,000 passengers in 2021.

San Jose Airport is on pace to handle 10.91 million passengers in 2022 if current yearly monthly averages are maintained. Auckland Airport, which uses the same metric, is on pace to handle 10.87 million passengers in 2022.

But both of these projected numbers are well below the record highs that the two airports had previously surged, according to figures previously released by the two airports.

In 2019, San Jose Airport handled a record 15.65 million passengers. In 2018, Auckland Airport handled a record 13.59 million passengers. San Jose and Oakland airports pass 1 million monthly passengers

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