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San Francisco Supervisors Vote to Support Sanctuary Policy

San Francisco (cron) – San Francisco’s Sanctuary City policy remains unchanged. On Tuesday night, city supervisors voted against one supervisor’s proposal to add fentanyl offenses to the list of reasons for arresting undocumented immigrants.

Supervisor Matt Dorsey was the only person in favor of allowing police to target illegal immigrants they believed were linked to the fentanyl trade. voted against his proposal, and many also spoke out against it.

San Francisco was one of the first cities in the United States to be called a Sanctuary City, prohibiting local police from stopping or arresting people based on their nationality or immigration status. City policy provides a list of offenses that allow prosecution, including carjacking, robbery, and shooting.

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Supervisor Matt Dorsey said he wanted to add fentanyl offenses to that list, saying it would make people safer. This could threaten the entire policy of the sanctuary city.

Supervisor Hilary Ronen said, “Even if you think it’s the few exceptions, fear of police, fear of deportation, fear of being forced into a country where families can be torn apart and lives can be endangered. It will cause fear of sending.

Several people spoke in favor of Dorsey’s proposed exception before the supervisors voted.

“A reasonable amendment would be Sup. Dorsey proposed adding the fentanyl trade as an exemption from our Sanctuary City protection.

In the end, the votes were almost unanimous, with the exception of one “no” vote from Dorsey.

A proposal to legalize sex work was also on the agenda on Tuesday. The supervisor has decided to carry the discussion over to next week’s meeting.

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