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Salesforce reveals plans to lay off more than 700 Bay Area tech workers

Salesforce has revealed plans to lay off well over 700 workers in the Bay Area. He’s one of the biggest layoff rounds yet for the Bay Area’s booming tech sector, according to new filings with the state’s labor department.

The layoffs that Salesforce began coordinating will occur in San Francisco, the company said in a WARN notice sent to the state’s Department of Jobs and Development.

San Francisco-based Salesforce plans to cut 752 jobs in its home city, the company told EDD.

“The termination is permanent and is expected to take effect on March 24, 2023,” Salesforce said in a WARN notice.

Salesforce notified all affected employees of its decision to lay off around January 4 this week, the tech company told EDD.

A series of high-profile tech and biotech companies have announced plans to lose jobs in the Bay Area in recent months and this year.

These companies include Facebook app owners Meta Platforms, Twitter, Cepheid, and Cisco Systems.

Brent Haider, Salesforce President and Chief People Officer, said: “There is no right to conflict and no union to represent the affected employees.

https://www.mercurynews.com/2023/01/10/salesforce-san-francisco-bay-area-tech-layoff-twitter-meta-facebook/ Salesforce reveals plans to lay off more than 700 Bay Area tech workers

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