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Sabrina Ganesh: about modeling, working with stars, and Instagram.

Today we had a chance to talk with an international model, actress, fashion industry specialist, and influencer – Sabrina Ganesh. About the life of a model and an Instagram blogger in the first person

Q: Good afternoon, Sabrina. Tell us about the beginning of your creative path. How did you get started as a professional model?

A: Good afternoon, of course, I’d be happy to tell you about how I became a model and why I chose this path for myself. I first encountered the modeling industry at the age of 20. A former colleague invited me to take part in the event as a catwalk model. For me, this was the first experience,I never even thought about a career as a model. I unconditionally accepted this offer. Just a week later, the show took place. After that, the editor-in-chief of the magazineoffered me a photoshoot and that’s how I gradually merged into the world of modeling. Since that day, there have been many shootings, shows, and projects which made me fall in love with modeling.

Q: What do you feel when you step on the podium?

A: To be honest, I can’t describe the emotions that run through my body when I step onto the podium, I feel adrenaline and energy, comparable to the sensation after accomplishing a parachute jump. I get great pleasure from being on the podium, the views, and reactions of the audience. I constantly feel the feeling of being “in my place.” This is where I can show my real self. I won’t hide it, the excitement is present, but it rather quickly transforms into a feeling of anticipation of a bright event.

Q: Tell us about working with stars. Whom have you worked with and what was your most memorable experience?

A: One of the most memorable days was having the experience of working with the fashion house of Vyacheslav Zaitsev. It was my first contact with a “celebrity.” It was an international project along with international models and designers from different countries. I specificallyrepresented a British designer.

Working with foreign designers has always attracted me, so I have quite a lot of experience in this. I remember how during the international festival Ethno World, I was represented by a Kazakh designer. It is always interesting to present designers who emphasize ethnicity and the peculiarity of their nation.

Q: You have participated in beauty contests more than once. Which title are you most proud of? Tell us about your experience with your participation.

A: I participated several times in beauty contests in my city “Miss Asia.”I am most proud of the title “Miss Mercy”. We took part in a children’s medical institution where children who were diagnosed with cerebral palsy are treated. Children undergo treatment and rehabilitation courses.The head doctor of this institution chose me “Miss Mercy” because many children and parents liked me. I did not learn about this nomination at the time but after a couple of days I found out. I am very proud of this. And I can say with confidence that this title is more pleasant for me than the title of “Miss Talent” and so on. The title of “Miss Mercy” is very close to me. Because my cousin has the same disease, I understand how difficult it is for children to deal with.After this experience, I am also often invited as a juror to various beauty contests.

Q: Your Instagram page has over 200 thousand followers. What made you want to start blogging and developing in this area? Do you collaborate with advertisers as an influencer?

A: I started my blog at the time of my participation in the international beauty contest. Then a prerequisite for participation was maintaining on Instagram and writing posts. That’s how it all started. Then I wanted to share my life with my audience and to give them positive emotions. I travel a lot and the content is quite diverse, so the blog began to grow rapidly and continues to grow to this day.

I collaborate with clothing stores, jewelry stores. With clothing stores, I am often invited to the opening of new stores. Among the owners, there are many of my friends who attend as well. They invite me to be their face, a model for their business, to capture the attention of buyers. I feel like a pioneer.

Q: In 2019, you starred in a movie. Why did you decide to take this step? What attracts you to the film industry?

A: It was a very interesting case. Six months before filming, I thought about the possibility of acting in films along with the acting profession in general. It seemed to be difficult and unattainable. By chance, after a short period, an outstanding director from Kazakhstan wrote a script and offered me to star in his feature film for the main role “Swimming Instructor.” I am easy-going, and after consulting with film industry experts, I decided to participate. This experience was very interesting, and I enjoyed it. Special attention should be paid to the stellar cast, as working with professionals is a real pleasure. Surprisingly, I was very comfortable in front of the camera, and I would love to repeat this experience.

Q: What would you wish for our readers?

A: I would like to wish them unlimited faith and strength in themselves. Live today, right now, in harmony with yourself. You don’t have to be perfect to be a model. In the modern world, the topic of body positivity and diversity of faces is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, do not be afraid to overcome the boundaries and to start believing in miracles, then everything will work out.

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