Royal Mail resumes ‘limited’ international deliveries after cyberattack

Royal Mail has resumed some international deliveries more than a week after the damaging cyberattack, but customers have been warned not to send parcels abroad due to chaos in their computer systems. I’m here.

According to documents seen by the Financial Times, the cyber incident involved a ransomware attack, in which hackers typically locked companies out of their systems before demanding payment to regain access. rice field.

A major UK postal service provider targeted by criminals claiming to represent a prolific hacker group rock bitsaid it had begun shipping a “limited quantity” of parcels overseas.

It added that it is working with France, Germany and the Netherlands to find workarounds as the attacks hit systems that produce the documents needed to send items across borders.

However, despite the limited quantity reopening, Royal Mail has repeatedly asked customers not to submit new parcels for international shipping.

Letters that require customs declaration also contain almost everything other than personal correspondence and cannot be mailed.

Royal Mail declined to officially confirm whether a ransomware attack by LockBit, a group believed to be located in Russia and neighboring countries, was responsible for the confusion.

At a parliamentary hearing on Tuesday, Royal Mail chief executive Simon Thompson said lawmakers had been notified to “discuss the details.” . . to a real disadvantage.”

The attack on LockBit’s biggest target to date, Royal Mail, has deepened concerns about the growing cyber risks faced by businesses and operators of critical national infrastructure.

Royal Mail continues to work with outside experts, security and regulators to mitigate impacts, the group said.

Royal Mail added, “We sincerely apologize to affected customers for any confusion this incident may have caused.” “Please be assured that our team is working with him around the clock to fully resolve this situation.”

The incident follows 18 days of turmoil. strike by a Royal Mail worker in the second half of last year.

The Communications Workers Union, which represents about 115,000 postal workers, has announced plans for a new vote on strike action, the results of which will be announced on 16 February. Royal Mail resumes ‘limited’ international deliveries after cyberattack

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