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Route 66 – IsIt Still the King of Road Trips?

Ask anyone to name a famous road trip and the answer is likely to be Route 66. This road is in the United States and stretches from Chicago to Los Angeles. Route 66 has long been considered the iconic road trip but is it still the king of road trips? We believe Route 66 still holds all the attractions, views, and charm that made it so popular in the first place and you can discover some of the major highlights on this page. So, get your international driver’s license USA ready for the trip of a lifetime.

Route 66 Welcome Centre

Heading from Chicago, the Route 66 Welcome Centre at the Joliet Area Historical Museum is the perfect place to begin your journey. Open during the Summer from May through October, which is the best time of year to travel along Route 66, the museum details the whole of the Route 66 section between Chicago and Springfield. There are some interesting stories about famous people who have visited the museum and it is a popular stop along Route 66.


If you are driving along Route 66, there is a good chance you have an interest in cars. With that in mind, you must make a stop at Pontiac, Illinois. There are two fantastic museums that pay tribute to America’s love of the motor car including the Pontiac-Oakland Museum and Resource Centre. Here you can see rare Oakland and Pontiac models and a visit to the Route 66 Association Hall of Fame is a must for those who want a trip down memory lane to see what it was like to drive the route many years ago.

Ariston Cafe

If you want to tread in the footsteps of the millions of people who have made the trip along Route 66, the Ariston Café in Litchfield is a great place to grab some refreshments. Ariston Café is one of the oldest establishments still running on Route 66 and has been in business since 1924. The café is now in the National Register of Historical Places, and you should not miss seeing this venue.

Meramec Caverns

Heading towards the state of Missouri and you must stop at Meramec Caves. Here you can discover a vast range of limestone caves and it is possible to take underground tours with a guide. Meramec Caves is one of the classic Route 66 stops and not to be missed. While in Missouri, you can visit Springfield, boasting a range of vintage Route 66 establishments.

New Mexico and Natural Wonders

The state of New Mexico is where you will find the scene of many iconic Route 66 photographs. This includes the Midpoint Café, Cadillac Ranch, and the Route 66 Auto Museum. Not all the wonderful things to see along Route 66 are manufactured and you have access to some fantastic natural sights. The Pained Desert, Petrified Forest National Park, and Grand Canyon can all be appreciated when driving Route 66.

With Las Vegas and a drive to Los Angeles concluding the route, it is easy to see why Route 66 is still the king of the road trips.


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