Risingstar Nandme Be the Oral B of Sonic electric Toothbrushes

Oral hygiene focuses on controlling plaque, eliminating soft scales and food residues, enhancing physiological stimulation, so that the oral cavity has a clean and healthy environment. To achieve its physiological function and enhance the purpose of a healthier oral cavity, there are several measures as follows:

  1. Brush teeth,2. Rinse mouth,3. Clean the interdental space,4. Gum massage

According to dental experts, proper brushing of teeth can prevent more than 90% of oral diseases.Proper brushing is the only way to clean the mouth and protect the teeth, while if it is not done correctly, it is likely to bring serious hidden dangers to the mouth.

How to brush your teeth properly?

  1. The proper brushing technique: Pasteur’s brushing, needs bristle and long axis of tooth to be in 45° angle, bristle points to the root of the tooth direction (upper jaw Upwards, lower jaw tooth is downward for tooth), which can effectively clean all kinds of food residues in the teeth.
  2. Be gentle: vigorous brushing can easily cause bleeding gums. And if you brush your teeth hard for a long time, it will damage the gums and teeth.
  3. Use the right toothbrush: There are soft-bristled toothbrushes, medium-bristled toothbrushes, and hard-bristled toothbrushes. You can choose according to your personal dental situation. In order to protect the tooth surface, it is recommended to use soft-bristled toothbrushes, which will cause less damage to the tooth surface.
  4. Brush for long enough: 2-3 minutes

You should brush your tooth everyday, electric toothbrushes use scientific technology to protect oral health more correctly.

Risingstar Nandme Bethe Oral-Bof Sonic electric Toothbrushes

Currently, electric toothbrushes include rotating electric toothbrushes and sonic electric toothbrushes. Oral-b as the representative of the rotary electric toothbrush, through the round brush head left and right rotation, back and forth friction teeth to achieve the purpose of cleaning. This kind of electric toothbrush has a very powerful cleaning power, but it is also the most rough electric toothbrush and easy to burden the teeth. It also has a strong vibration and noise when it is running. Therefore, it is not very suitable for people with average teeth quality.

The sonic electric toothbrush generates rich foam through the high-speed vibration of the brush hairs up and down, and cleans the teeth under the water flow. Although the cleaning force is not as strong as the rotary type, it can completely remove sticky dental plaque deep down. Compare to the rotating electric toothbrush, It is relatively mild to use, has low noise and the friction against teeth is also weak.Sonic electric toothbrushes on the market claim to have a vibration frequency of 10,000-62000 rpm, but really the higher the vibration frequency, the better?Research by the Dental Defense Group shows that vibration frequencies above 41,000 rpm are physically abrasive to tooth enamel and can damage teeth. Brushing is about removing bacteria from around the teeth, not hurting them.

The main power of the high-speed vibration of the sonic electric toothbrush is the motor, which influences the cleaning effect through frequency, amplitude, and torque. This is a double-edged sword. By the magnetic levitation acoustic motor control vibration frequency, torque, amplitude to complete the cleaning power, making the price of sonic electric toothbrushes are high, making it difficult for users to try.

Risingstar Nandme Bethe Oral-Bof Sonic electric Toothbrushes

Nandme is a user-focused company that utilizes professional dental knowledge combined with technological innovations to provide affordable oral care products to every consumer.Nandme electric toothbrush’s five key words: super cleaning power, no noise, long life, automatic sensing brushing strength, 15 cleaning modes, 12 brush heads. Nandme is committed to solving all user concerns and will become the Oral-b of the sonic electric toothbrush market.


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