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Reasons for Underperforming Solar Panels

Timing is most crucial in solar energy. The faster the panels work, the more energy it will convert to electricity to light up your house. Your solar power system will underperform when it is producing less energy than expected.

Therefore, assess your solar panels for the following problems:

Manufacturing Defect

The installation is not to blame sometimes if your solar power is underperforming. A manufacturing fault may contribute to subpar performance. Some solar panels may have cracked in the manufacturing process unseen to the naked eye.

This may imply that the manufacturer used defective materials, and you may need to revise your purchase.

A manufacturer that has used a manual soldering process in manufacturing will shatter and break the panels. Any crack can impact the solar panel outfit as it adversely impacts the internal wiring. However, this issue may surface during the installation process as well.

Purchase panels from a reliable manufacturer that offers installation and post-sale service to ease the transition.


Assuming you have purchased the solar panels, you are searching for someone to install them. Hire a professional installer that knows the sunlight and shading placement. If the solar panels are incorrectly installed when they are in the shade most of the day, it negates their purpose.

The solar panels must be installed away from roof shade, trees, and cloudy altitudes. You must strategically install the panels. Get a second opinion, so you only have to install them once.

Internal Defect

Solar panels can become defective. This can happen during manufacturing, installation, shipment, and delivery. Handle the machinery with care but no promises! These incidents happen that are out of your control.

Damaged panels will not be suitable for you since they will not convert solar power into energy. The situation will worsen if the damage goes unnoticed.

On the other hand, the internal damages are not replaceable so quickly. The utility bidder representative can help you through electrical or external defects such as replacement charges, delamination, or snail trails. Other defects include internal wiring, component replacement, and module installation.


You will not be able to protect the panels once installed at the crown of your roof. Birds may fly into it. They may even start building nests in the panel’s skeleton. However, the most unfortunate challenge the solar panels face is withstanding harsh wedding conditions. Hail, snow, and continuous rain can harm the plates and remove the lamination present above the solar cells.

Assuming you live in areas that are sensitive to wildfires, the smoke from the forests can become an unwanted layer between the plate and the sun. Do not fret, though! Solar panels are run through such simulations in the manufacturing process. However, unexpected weather interference will damage the solar power plates.

Final Thoughts

Many ways are present to assess the performance of solar panels. You can observe and compare the wattage and power output at equal intervals. Additionally, monitor your actual energy bill to learn more about the energy requirements provided by the solar panels.


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